Money Is Coming…It’s Here!

So here I am on Day 5 of what’s fast becoming a daily occurrence of wonderful, synchronous events. 

When I inadvertantly embarked on this journey of manifestation, having been led by one book to another, and to the Law of Attraction, I was initially a little troubled by one concept. And that was the issue of Money.

I’m not a person who’s greedy for money. I see it as a necessary evil, and something that one is forced to rely on, because we live in a world that’s obsessed by it. I believe that contributionism or Ubuntu is the way forward, but there’s still the vast majority of the world to convince to give up the concept of money. 

Lately, my life has been turned completely upside down. Friends and family, my own parents included, sadly enough, turned their backs on me in my hour of need. Only a few true friends remain, the rest whisked away by the winds of the Fremantle Doctor, like the fair-weather friends they were. 

I can’t believe I wasted a whole year of my life playing mindgames with my own father, who played me like a yo-yo with narcissistic glee. Yes, No, Maybe…or oftentimes plain Silence. Well, Silence is an answer too. So in the end, for the sake of my own sanity, and for peace of mind, I cut the familial ties that bound me. I feel so much freer for having done that. I’m not religious like my father, but I do know some scripture (Google is very helpful indeed!), and I believe that when the old man dies and finds himself at the Pearly Gates, he will have to face a reckoning – that in all the times he slammed the door in my face when I begged him for help, he wasn’t denying me at all, but Jesus himself in disguise.

Anyway, I digress. As I was saying, I had an issue with Money. And initially, when I first started reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I was concerned that it seemed to encourage one to ask for lots of Money. But then I read a bit further, and what it means is that in order for me (or anyone) to begin to help others, I have to help myself first. If my cup is empty, then how can I fill the cups of others? So yes, I realise that my mission now is to manifest Money into my life in as many ways as possible, so that I can then turn it around and help the ones I want to help. I’ve finally learnt my lesson not to rely on family or friends, thank the Universe!

So, these last few days I’ve been Thanking the Universe for this, that and indeed everything under the sun. I’ve narrowed down my intentions: 1) to get a job/social security payments so I can afford a rental, or 2) strike the Lottery so I can buy my own home. I’ve even taken to showing up at viewings of properties for rent or for sale, that I haven’t been in a position to move on, because I believe that showing up is also a way of placing myself in line of the chain of events that have to happen, for something to manifest.

And guess what?

Today I was in the queue at Aldi buying food for the next few days, and before I got to the front of the checkout queue, I decided I’d better check my account balance, to find out if my funds were going to last us til Christmas and the New Year.

I was fully expecting the balance to have dipped below $1500 by now…but instead it was reading over $2000?! I quickly checked the transactions listing, and saw that my Centrelink (Social Security) payments had finally kicked in, after a 6 week wait! Yay, happy days!

What this also means is that I will now get a concession card that entitles me to a discount for public transport and utility bills. Which also means I can afford to apply for that divorce at last. Which also means I can go ahead and find a rental and move out. Or, even start paying rent for where I am right now…as the ex has suggested. 

Thank you, Universe! ❤

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