A Little Experiment

Today I had the sudden hankering to check out a New Age store in town, to see what cards on Positive Thinking or Affirmations they had. I’d been there a few months ago, yes, but today I decided it was time to go there again, as they might have some new stock in.

Just the night before, I’d tried out an experiment in active visualisation. I’d visualised receiving a cheque for $10,000,000 dollars, from winning the Lottery. And so I was looking on real estate websites at properties. Specifically one that was an older, plantation style property, in the region of $500,000. 

This morning, as I was driving along to get to that New Age store, the memory of a house flashed unbidden through my mind. A couple of years ago, during my cycling days, I’d cycled past an older, plantation-style bungalow with a wooden verandah skirting it on the 3 sides I could see, and I remember thinking to myself, what an unusual property it was, nestled amongst newer brick and tile properties. 

I decided on a whim to see if I could find this house again. It did suit the profile in my vision board. So I let the car drive itself; I held the image or idea of that house in my mind and let my instincts do the navigating, a right turn here, a left turn there…

And then I came round a corner, and there it was. 

And there was a For Sale sign outside the house!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I quickly pulled over on to the grass verge opposite the house, turned the engine off, whipped out my mobile phone and looked up the listing on the real estate agent’s website.


Well, well, well…isn’t The Universe naughty but nice? “Offers over $499,000”.

W.O.W Now I’ll simply HAVE to win that $10,000,000 lottery tonight! 😄

After that serendipitous moment, I drove on and stopped at a thrift store. And I found 2 books that fitted in with the whole positive thinking, Law of Attraction theme:

The New Age store didn’t have the cards I had in mind. I bought some incense sticks instead…of the “Money Attracting” kind. I figured, why ever not? 😉 

Then Diane, my neighbour and possibly my best friend, called to say her regular mah-jongg ride wasn’t feeling well so could I possibly give her (Diane) a lift to the hall where the games were held? 

Sure thing! 

The hall was quite literally round the corner from the library, so after picking Diane up from her home and dropping her off, I dropped in for a look.

And I found these:

Serendipity strikes again! Right now I’m reading “The Answer”, by Allan and Barbara Pease. It’s currently in the bookshops for $26, so I consider myself lucky indeed to have gotten my hands on it at the library. 

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