Thank You, Universe

Just sharing a graphic that I created, thanking The Universe for the wondrous and wonderful week I just had. I’ve decided that instead of belabouring my misfortunes and unfortunate circumstances, I’m calling time on everything negative, and am only going to concentrate on the positives from hereon.

Positivity can only attract more positivity. Ditto negativity. And I’ve had just about enough of negativity. No more. 

From now on, it’s onwards and upwards. I won’t let other people drag me down, or tell me what to do, or dissuade me from doing what’s right for me. It’s My Life, and I’ll do it my way. 

Feel free to copy, paste or print out this graphic for your own use. It’s FREE and it’s yours, with my blessings. 

Have a Wonderful Life! Namasté 🙇.

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