Soul Red

Soul Red is the name of a specific shade of red, in a Mazda car. I forget which model the car was that I first came across with that shade of red. But it’s just beautiful, and I always seem to be seeing it every so often. 

I’m currently reading “The Answer” by Allan and Barbara Pease, and it revolves around a scientific concept known as “RAS” (Reticular Activation System). Basically, the reason you keep seeing, hearing or encountering the same thing over and over again, is because your brain has been instructed to “tune in” to that very thing, so much so that when it appears in your periphery, your senses immediately pick up on it. 

As an experiment, I decided to let myself believe that my next car would be a Mazda in Soul Red. Something like this:

Oooohh, SHINY!! 😄

Anyway, today I took my son Jack to Warnbro, 2 suburbs away, as I wanted to buy my own copy of “The Answer”, the one I was reading being a library book. I’d seen the book at the Big W department store there a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping there would be a few copies left.

As I was driving along, I explained to Jack how RAS worked, and suggested to him that we should try tuning into Mazdas in Soul Red. Jack was intrigued and game to play along.

Hardly had I finished talking when, what should we see coming around the roundabout, but the very thing we were hoping to attract. A beautiful Soul Red Mazda car.

Synchronicity strikes again! 

(And yes, Big W did have a couple of copies of “The Answer”, so now I’ve got my own copy to keep).

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