Lightbox Inspiration Typography #1

Last week I found some alphabet lightboxes at KMart and bought one, on a whim. Thank goodness I also had the presence of mind to buy an extra set of letters, just in case I ran out of vowels 😄.

I’m so grateful I bought the lightbox, as it’s started me on a brand new digital mobile photography art project, one which I call “Lightbox Inspiration Typography”, or L I T for short (see what I’ve done there?) 😉

Here’s the first one I did, in 2 colourways. 

I’ve since created a new one practically every day now, as a disciplined effort in Positive Thinking and Gratitude. Plus, I’ve submitted the ones I’ve made to my licensing company Kess InHouse Designs, and they’ve been accepted and will soon be on a range of home products such as prints, posters, mobile phone cases/skins, laptop and tablet cases, duvet covers, comforters, cushions, rugs, shower curtains, pet bandanas, t-shirts etc. 

So yeah, I’m grateful for this opportunity to add to my income in any way at all. And The Universe keeps surprising me by sending me orders for my products seemingly out of the blue, just when I need the money. 

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