Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart 

Today’s Gratitude image, by moi. Feel free to copy, paste, print, share etc with your own circle of friends and family.

Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

1) the glorious weather, not too warm, with a lovely breeze

2) the privilege of spending an hour playing with 3 gorgeous dogs (my employers Wendy and Tony’s own dogs, as they are away this weekend)

3) being able to take Jack’s best friend Jordan out to watch the new Star Wars movie, followed by playtime at home and dinner at Domino’s Pizza afterwards. 

4) the company of my own 2 dogs, Scruffy and Shelagh, who are a constant source of happiness and joy for me

5) continuing to manifest Soul Red Mazdas into my life. Today as I was driving to petsit the 3 dogs, I was followed for much of the way by none other than a Mazda CX-3 in Soul Red. 

Thank You, Universe! More of the same, please! 🙇

(The beautiful Jett, Ruby & Zeus)

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