Law of Attraction – the results so far…

I’m still new to this Law of Attraction thing, but so far so good. 

One experiment I’ve been working on is the manifestation of Mazda cars in Soul Red. Nowadays I see them everywhere, I park next to them, and they’ve even started following me in my car. ๐Ÿ˜„ Yes, it’s due to my tuning in to their vibration or frequency (there’s more than one meaning to the word “frequency” here), not that these cars are any more prolific on the roads than any other car. I could do the same thing with a vintage Ford Mustang, for instance, and start seeing them everywhere…but that doesn’t mean there are loads of vintage Mustangs out there. It just means my mind is tuned in and whenever a Mustang shows up, I’ll notice it. 

I’m also practising manifesting or attracting Money, or an improvement in my income and wealth. So far, I’ve had unexpected orders for my Lenormand divination decks on Etsy and eBay, coming seemingly out of the blue just when I needed Money most. I’ve also won $27 on the Lottery just this week (not quite the $10,000,000 I want, but it’s a good start!), plus just as I was wishing for more work to come my way, I got an email scheduling me in for a very busy week ahead walking dogs and pet sitting, in the lead up to Christmas. All great stuff! ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’ 

I’ve also just seen the home of my dreams, and it’s just around the corner from where I live now. The owner had a Home Open on Sunday just gone, and I brought my son Jack and our dear neighbour Diane to view it. As luck would have it, we were the only visitors there, so the owner Peter graciously showed us around personally. This house is just perfect for our needs, it’s not too big, the layout of the rooms is ideal, there’s a pool and even a spa, the garden is easy to maintain, it’s within easy walking distance of Jack’s school, and it’s fully enclosed so my dogs Shelagh and Scruffy can run around the compound safely. I absolutely love it, it’s perfect for me.  I’ve asked the owner if he’d be happy to rent the house to me if it hasn’t sold after 3 months…and he said “YES!” So now I’ve even got a timescale to work with.

I trust the Universe to conspire to secure it for me, should it be “The One”. Rent or buy, it doesn’t matter right now. If it isn’t “The One”, then I trust the Universe will find me another and make the circumstances absolutely ideal for me to get it. Whatever the case, I’m happy to go with the flow of what the Universe wants to show me. Better things are on the horizon, for sure! 

My divorce application is now in the pipeline. I’m not in control of what happens to the house we’re living in right now, I’ve suggested several options to the ex but he won’t listen, however it’s “Not my circus, not my monkeys” and the only thing I can and should do, and what I’m doing now, is to walk away from it. But things are moving now, after a period of stagnation and massive self-doubt and repression…which I’m embarrassed to admit I let the ex and my own father drag me down into for nearly a year, with their own brand of negativity and narcissism respectively. Well, no more!!

I believe that 2017 will be a wonderful year for me and Jack. Our financial position will improve dramatically, so I can afford to rent our own place, or even purchase our own home. Who knows, I might even end up buying the ex out of the home we live in now? I trust the Universe will set into motion anything and everything that’s needed to show me the way and my options, when the timing is just right. I’ll have income from multiple streams, I’ll be doing work that I’m passionate about, our circumstances can only get better and better. Make it so!

So, Thank You, Universe! More Good Things and more Wealth, please! 

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