The Dude Abides Principle

So right now I’m reading the book E2 (E-Squared) by Pam Grout, and trying out the 1st exercise in manifesting. I love Pam’s writing style, she’s witty, funny and so down-to-earth, yet practical. She makes everything sound so doable, and real. Don’t take my word on it, get the book for yourself!

In the 1st exercise, “The Dude Abides Principle”, the “Dude” refers to the Universe, God, Spirit, Mother Earth, the Force, whichever name you choose for the Creator. Personally, I like to call it The Universe. 

Anyway, this Principle states that:

“There is an Invisible Energy Force or Field of Infinite Possibilities”

and that you can actually make It reveal Itself to you, by way of manifesting something that you’ve asked for. The point of the exercise is to show that your thoughts create your reality, and that if you ask and believe that you will receive, and act like it’s already a done deal, then the Universe will have to deliver.

So, last night I made a wish to be blessed by The Universe, and asked it to show up by manifesting what I’ve asked for, without going into specifics, and giving it 48 hours to prove itself. 

I asked to be surprised by a monetary windfall. Secretly I’d love to win the “Set For Life” lottery, which pays out $20,000 a month for 20 years. But, as the experiment said NOT to get too specific, I just asked for some money to arrive unexpectedly, out of the blue.

And then I went to sleep.

This morning, I made pancakes for my son Jack and the ex. I’d found a pancake maker at a local thrift store, and today Jack and I had fun trying it out. The pancakes were yummy, soft and fluffy mmmm! Not bad for a $5 investment, when a brand new pancake maker at the shops was around $49 to buy!

Anyway, I digress. Over pancakes, the ex announced suddenly that he had transferred $200 into my account, to help with the Christmas shopping! A short while later, I checked my bank account and true enough, I was richer by $200!

OMG. Thank you, Universe!! The question I’m asking myself now is this – was my ex going to transfer money to me anyway, seeing as I’d told him I’d spent over $150 the day before, buying our Xmas food? Or was this The Universe responding to my wish from last night? Could it just be a coincidence that my ex should give me money the day after I wished for money to come my way?

I’ve checked Pam’s instructions, and it did say the manifestation has to be “a thumbs up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as a coincidence”.

And so, while I am eternally grateful for my sudden small windfall, it MIGHT be a coincidence…so I’m still calling The Universe’s bluff, and still giving it 48 hours to manifest the large sum of money that I’d wished for last night. 

Let’s see what The Dude comes up with.

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