The Dude DOES Abide!!

OMG. Yesterday I cast doubt over whether The Universe aka “The Dude” was really manifesting my wish for money, when my ex transferred $200 into my bank account. It could have been a coincidence, right? So, I gave The Universe/Dude another 24 hours to make good its promise of money coming my way out of the blue.

Last night I conducted another Law of Attraction experiment concurrently. This one’s called “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle”, and is a 2-parter. In my case, it’s not a VW but Mazdas in Soul Red. In the first 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of these Soul Red Mazdas manifest themselves into my life. In the second 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of another subject of my choosing manifests itself into my life.

I’ve been practising manifesting Soul Red Mazdas for the last 2 weeks now, and they’re practically leaping out at me these days when I’m on the road. 

Choosing a 2nd subject to manifest however, has been slightly trickier. Last night I decided to manifest Green Traffic Lights on the road when I’m driving. I envisioned that All the traffic lights would be green, or turn green as my car approached them. 

But this morning I realised that the route I normally take to get to the dogs that I walk or petsit doesn’t include ANY traffic lights, just roundabouts and normal junctions.

So I switched my wish to that of manifesting Pink Orchids instead. 

I didn’t see any Pink Orchids at all today. I mentioned them to the ex, but I guess it went right over his head because just 5 minutes later he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. 

Well, I thought, The Universe still has 24 hours to manifest those Pink Orchids for me.

And I turned on the TV and this movie was just starting. It was called “Absolutely Anything“, and starred Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, with the late Robin Williams providing the voice of Dennis, the dog that belongs to Simon Pegg’s character, Neil. Basically, the premise of the movie is that Neil is trying to get his neighbour Catherine to fall in love with him. A bunch of aliens in outer space bestow upon him the power to make anything Neil wishes come true. If Neil uses his power for Good, the aliens would welcome Earth into their group. If Neil uses his power for Evil, the aliens would annihilate Earth.

It was funny enough…until it got to the part where Neil gets abducted by Grant, a wannabe boyfriend of Catherine (Kate Beckinsale’s character in the movie). Grant wants Neil to make a whole list of his wishes come true.

And here’s where it gets surreal…to me anyway…

On Grant’s list of wishes is this:


Cue Twilight Zone music ♫♪♫

See, The Dude DOES Abide. Count me in as a Believer, Universe! And THANK YOU!

On another note, my employer Wendy handed me a Christmas card this afternoon as we parted company after visiting a new client’s dogs and cats together…and inside the envelope was a prepaid Visa card for $50. So, turns out my first experiment has also worked. Money has again manifested itself, thank you, Universe!

The Dude rocks! 🖒🤘

(Image source: Pinterest)

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