Lightbox Inspiration Typography #3

Another one from my L I T series. I’ve done this with florals this time, in 2 different colourways.

Manifest Your Desires. 

They say you’re to write down what your desires are, what you hope to achieve or accomplish. The act of handwriting apparently fires up more brain neurons than typing on a keyboard, that is true, but blogging online is how I write, and there can be no harm in typing out my desires, right? I’m still putting down in black and white what my desires are.

So here’s what I want in 2017:

1) to get my divorce and settlement sorted with as little hassle as possible, and to finally be free of this current half-life I’m living;

2) to benefit from multiple streams of income, increase my licensing royalties, increase sales of my Etsy and eBay listings, increase my financial wealth;

3) to be offered and to accept a job that I am passionate about that also pays the bills and much more than that, so that I can settle my debts and be able to enjoy more of what Life has to offer;

4) to find and secure the perfect home for myself, my son Jack, Shelagh and Scruffy our 2 dogs, and Boo our cat.

No.1 is already in the pipeline. I’m not sure if you know of any other woman who had to buy her own engagement ring, buy both wedding rings, pay for her wedding dinner and accommodation, and now, 6 years later (almost to the day), pay for her own divorce? Well, that’s the story of my life! 😄

I should have paid more attention to the signs. They were all there, plain as plain can be, but I chose to believe in the fantasy, the web of fairy tales he wove around me, the false and empty promises. My fault, really…I should have known better. 

Well, I certainly do now! 

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