Christmas Cheer

2 Freebies for everyone today! Feel free to copy, paste, print, share!

Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you wish it to be known as. What’s more important is that we treat each and every day of the year, and each and every person we meet, with the same Happiness and Utmost Respect that we would want to receive ourselves. Every day is a good day, why reserve it just for Christmas, when you, yes YOU, can make every single day one filled with Love, Laughter and Life! 

Let’s appreciate the people we have around us, our friends and chosen family, now while they’re still with us on this beautiful and bounteous Earth. It really doesn’t matter if we are not of the same race or creed, Goodness is in every one of us, and it is our duty to perform good deeds, think good thoughts, say positive things. If every one on Earth did just that, each and every day, with humility and compassion, Humankind would evolve into higher beings in no time at all, and there would be no more wars, religious prosecution, discrimination, poverty, hunger, homelessness.  

Your Thoughts create your Reality.


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