We’re going on a rock hunt!

Actually, make that “I’m going on a crystal hunt”. I read that Citrine is one of the gemstones or crystals for manifesting and attracting Money and Wealth, and seeing as it’s one that’s not already in my crystal collection, I’m going to get myself something with citrine in it. Maybe in a ring or a bracelet.

Distilled Sunshine!

Meanwhile, in my quest for crystals that manifest prosperity or attract money, I found these beautiful examples on Pinterest. While these are not the ones that I’m currently after, I’m sharing them here with you just for the reason that they are so gorgeous and uplifting. You’ll need to go to my Pinterest board and look under “Interesting” for the pins and more information on each individual crystal. I know, it’s boring to lump such amazing specimens of Mother Nature’s bounty under a title as generic as “Interesting”, but I’m still undecided as to whether I should create a new Board called “Crystals” or should I even start different individual boards for each of them?

Anyway, enjoy!

(All images sourced from Pinterest)

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