Gratitude Thursday

Today, I’m expressing my Gratitude for living where I live. There are beaches all around me, all within a 5-10 minute drive. Or a 15-25 minute cycle. The sunshine in Western Australia is gorgeous, and lends itself happily to great photos. And we’re lucky enough that there’s never crowds of people thronging these beaches and spoiling Mother Nature’s beauty. 

People who don’t know Rockingham think it’s full of bogans (aka rednecks/hooligans/uneducated folks), but the reality of it is that Rockingham is an undiscovered natural gem that is now fast developing into a tourist destination… the locals however would like it to stay a sleepy backwater town, so our lovely beaches can stay unspoilt. The common consensus is to let Joe Public continue to believe Rockinghan is “rough”, and stay away so us locals can continue to keep our secret a secret πŸ˜„.

Here are just some photos I took (with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) of some of the beaches in the Rockingham, Western Australia area:

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Thursday

  1. Hi, I have been following your postings with great interest – especially the Law of Attraction bits. I live outside Melbourne and am about to try the visualising myself. Love your beautiful beaches – good luck with all your wishes for 2017 and I salute you for getting rid of that husband even if you had to pay for it!

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks! And good luck with your LOA and Manifestation exercises. I’m sure you’ll find the things you’re looking for, in one way or the other. One thing for sure about that is that the more you pay attention to, or concentrate on, a thought, the more it expands and appears in your life. My teenager and I spent 2 hours yesterday at Point Peron, looking for bottlecaps. He was fixated on finding multiples of 5s, and it seemed everytime we found a 5th, another would appear and we’d be off searching for the other 4. We ended up with 60 bottlecaps, me with 2 sunburnt forearms and him with a sunburnt neck πŸ˜„. But at least he stayed off his mobile phone and games for 2 hours. Today, he wanted a bigger jar for his bottlecap collection, and I wanted a chair for my bedroom that I could sit in and read…we found his jar in one thrift store for $2 and I found my chair in another for $10. Result! πŸ˜„

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