Friday Flowers

Just sharing some photos of flowers with you, that I’ve taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Aside from animal photography, the other subject I’m passionate about is flowers. I used to get so crazy about flowers I’d spend hours at a water lily and koi farm, taking photos of the flowers (and fish as well). It’s not unknown of me to stop outside someone’s flower garden to snap some photos. And when there are no flowers in bloom outside, I’ve been known to skulk around outside supermarkets and florist shops, sneaking photos of their floral displays. 

Anyway, here you go, flowers for everyone. I’m grateful for having the opportunities to capture their essence with my mobile phone camera. And I’m also grateful that these old eyes are still good enough to catch details and composition in a photograph! πŸ€“

These photos have not been edited in any way. They’re all au naturel, literally πŸ˜„, bugs, fuzzy edges and all. But also just perfect and beautiful, just the way Mother Nature intended. 

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