New Year, New Life

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to everyone! I sincerely wish everything Good upon you all, may your innermost desires be manifested and all your wishes come true. 

2016 is finally over. What a year that was! A real sobering, eye-opening, tear-filled, death-strewn, emotional rollercoaster of a year. 366 days of ups and downs. Mostly downs, as global general concensus indicates. 

2016 is the year everyone wants to forget about. Sweep it under the carpet and never look at it again. Only The Universe knows why all those bad things happened and were allowed to happen. Scientists have not found the answer to the reason behind 2016’s apparent mass accummulation and dissemination of bad luck, death and destruction. 

I have an idea. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy By Mass Hysteria. No, seriously…I may be still a Novice at this Law of Attraction thing, but I’ve experienced for myself the Manifestation of things just by tuning in and concentrating on my thoughts.


Imagine if one person’s negative thoughts can bring about a bad situation. It stands to reason then that these vibes can also influence other people. We’ve all felt it before – entering a workplace when the Office Dragon is in, and the atmosphere is downright freezing. Or, conversely, going to a rock concert where you get caught up in the euphoric atmosphere and have the time of your life. 

Our vibes really do rub off on other people. Imagine the ramifications of this if not one but millions of people were feeling the same sense of insecurity or fear. Humans deal with situations in their own way – some withdraw, others act out, some take up extreme sports, some attend psychedelic festivals, but most go shopping. The Media Moguls control a lot of what’s going on inside our heads, giving us the illusion of Choice, telling us that we’re too fat, too poor, too ugly etc and that we must buy these products in order to feel better about ourselves. Or to vote for someone you don’t particularly think is a good candidate, but have you heard what the other side is proposing to do?

So there we are, vibing off each other in ever widening ripples, each one of us causing more ripples of our own and setting into motion events on a global scale. 

Think that’s too big of a leap of the imagination? Imagine then getting out of bed today, New Year’s Day 2017, with a massive hangover, feeling like death warmed up, wanting to kill the bloody neighbour’s yapping dog. You snap at your other half for being late making breakfast/brunch. You snarl at your children for getting under your feet, for making so much noise playing. You stub your toe in the shower and curse the day. You curse 2017. 

Whatever you believe becomes real. The Universe hears your thoughts and aligns itself accordingly to suit you. YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. So now 2017 is going to be another annus horribilis for you, as you’re setting your own expectations, and The Universe is merely saying “Your wish is my command”.

And then you go out and spread your dis-ease to everyone who comes into contact with you. And pretty soon some gun-toting madman shows up a thousand miles away, or some dictator in a distant country decides to start a war or genocide, and it just goes downhill for everyone. And then we’ll all be wishing that 2017 was over already and could 2018 be THE Best Year, pretty please? 

We’ve all seen it happen in 2016. Let’s not repeat history, please.

2017 has just started. It’s a brand new year full of opportunities. It’s a blank slate upon which we’re to write our own personal future. Let’s welcome it in with open arms, open hearts and open minds. Let’s infuse 2017 with Love, Good Will, Hope, Kindness, Positivity. Let’s spread those juju vibes all around, do good deeds, speak kindly of others, help our fellow human beings, pay it forward again and again and again. 

Together, let’s make 2017 Our Best Year Yet. We CAN do this, folks! 

If you think this post of mine can help others, feel free to share away, make ripples on the pond! Let’s do this! 🖒

Here’s a FREEBIE to get you started! Take it, with my Love and Blessings! See, 2017 is already shaping up to be a GREAT YEAR! 

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