30 Days of Gratitude: #3

#3: What colour are you grateful for?

I’m just grateful that my eyesight is still good enough to pick out colours, actually. Having varifocal lenses in my spectacles hasn’t really helped my eyesight much, as more than a year after getting them, I still haven’t gotten used to them. If I’m doing any reading, I find myself glancing over the top of my glasses rather than trying to focus through the lens. Yup, Nana me! 🤓

But, to answer the question on what colour I’m grateful for, (what a strange question!), I guess my favourite colours would be the iridescent sheen found in crystal gemstones like Labradorite, Fluorite, Opal or Titanium Aura Quartz crystals.

Like these:

Labradorite (Source: Pinterest)

Fluorite Wand (Source: Pinterest)

Boulder Opal (Source: Pinterest)

Titanium Aura Rainbow Quartz Cluster (Source: Pinterest)

So yeah, I guess I don’t really have a favourite colour, but rather I love every colour of the rainbow 😄. And why not, aren’t these specimens just gorgeous? 

And yeah, I’m so grateful that I can actually SEE those glorious colours! 

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