30 Days of Gratitude: #4

#4: What food are you grateful for?

Hmmm…I have, as they say, “an enormous propensity for eating”. If I go off my food, you know I’ve either caught a tummy bug, or I’ve been felled by some lurgy which has me laid up in bed. Or, I’ve got a bad cold and my nose is so bunged up I can’t smell food.

Otherwise, I love all food. Okay, I’m not particularly fond of anchovies or black olives or capers. Apart from that, I’m game to try anything else. 

The food I’m most grateful for is Mango. I love it fresh from the market, sliced then cubed while still in its skin. Recently, since discount supermarket giant Aldi opened up in Western Australia, I’ve discovered frozen mangoes. Which means I don’t have to buy mangoes in season, but can have them all year round, anytime I like. Happy days! Plus, a large 1 kg bag of frozen mangoes from Aldi is about $7 so it’s not out of reach even for my tiny budget.

My favourite way of using frozen mangoes is to throw a handful into my blender, and whizz them with sone ice cubes and some store-bought orange + mango fruit juice, or a tropical fruit juice (it’s got to be “juice”, not “drink” as the latter is just full of added sugars). Makes a wonderfully refreshing smoothie šŸ˜‹!

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