30 Days of Gratitude: #15

#15: What season are you grateful for?

Having grown up in Malaysia and Singapore, where every day is hot and humid, I’m ever grateful for even having seasons while living in Europe and now Australia.

Australia, being Down Under, has its seasons back to front compared to the Northern Hemisphere. While the Brits, Europeans and Americans are celebrating a Christmas winter wonderland, here in Australia we’re sweltering in 40 degree heatwaves.

My favourite season, to answer the question, is Spring. As the days get longer and longer, heading into Summer, I’m grateful for the cool breezes and bright sunny days, and the sight of fresh young green buds and flowers appearing on the trees. I love it even when it rains, as I know the earth will be grateful for the long drink, and the bulbs under the ground that have been sleeping all Winter, will start to wake up and push their way out of the earth. 

And when the flowers start blooming in earnest…Oh my Universe, it’s just soooo beautiful I could cry!

(Some Pinterest photos of my favourite Springtime flowers):

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