30 Days of Gratitude: #16

#16: What about your body are you grateful for?

Well, here I am halfway through my Thirty Days of Gratitude exercise, and I must admit at times I doubt my own sanity in allowing myself to be talked into doing this exercise in the first place. 

What do I hope to achieve? Will bags filled with $50 notes drop out of the sky and into my lap? Will I learn the secret to winning big on the Lottery? Will I get hired by a company who are happy to pay me a six figure sum annually? 

Probably not. But that’s the whole point. I’m finding that being grateful for what I have, rather than hankering and wishing for what I don’t have, is making me appreciate where I am right now. Just because your destination is in a galaxy far, far away, doesn’t mean you forget to enjoy the ride, experience fully the journey and adventures on the way. 

And mine has been a very, very interesting journey. 

I guess if I had to answer the above question, I’d say that I’m grateful that this body of mine has managed to withstand the ravages of time without too much damage. 

I’m grateful I still have my own two feet to stand on. 

I’m grateful for having the full complement of fingers and toes. Both my hands and arms work. 

I have my eyesight, albeit getting a bit wonky in that department. But hey, now I can read my books without wearing glasses. 

My hearing is still pretty good. Sorry, did you say something, I missed that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

In fact, everything is still in working order. One shoulder joint occasionally aches from a fracture and dislocation many years ago, and some mornings my fingers ache from arthritis, but other than that, everything is hunky dory. Ok, the sciatica in my hips means Jack has to do the vacuuming around the house, but that’s a bonus, right? πŸ˜‰

Most of all, I’m very grateful to have a mind resilient enough to get me through the toughest of situations, and intelligent enough to realise when things are getting bad and tell me to do something, or get the hell out of there. 

I’m grateful for having found myself, and having done that, learnt to accept that I AM ENOUGH, no matter what my parents and family think of me, no matter what Society wants me to be. And I’m damn well going to live my life the best way I know how, by being in the Present, by practising Gratitude, by random acts of kindness, and by having Positive thoughts about everything. 

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