30 Days of Gratitude : #17

#17: What knowledge are you grateful for?

I suppose this would have to be my knowledge of iPhoneography and Androidography aka my mad mobile photography skills 😄.

I started out late 2010 on an iPhone 3, testing out Lomography Apps. Then I got a 2nd hand iPhone 4, and more Apps, and widened my range of photo editing apps, joined a couple of forums and online iPhoneography communities. 

I was such an enthusiast of iPhoneography that I shot and edited anything and everything, from trees, swamps, flowers, sceneries, animals, architecture, landscapes…

Then in 2011 I organised and set up Perth City’s (and Western Australia’s) 1st ever iPhoneography exhibition and workshop. By the end of the year, I’d self-published 2 photo books, one on the Maylands swamplands near where I lived, the other a collection of my personal favourite photos.

In 2013, I grew tired of trying to keep up with Apple’s yearly “newest” iPhone, I mean, if it’s That good, why can’t its software just get updated yearly, instead of having to buy a completely new phone every year? The last straw was in September 2012, when I chanced to be in Perth and just so happened to come across the queue of people waiting to get into the Apple Store, just so they could buy the newest iPhone. The queue snaked round the block and nearly back to itself, like some ouroboros. 

I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S3 in late 2013, and haven’t looked back since. And now I’m grateful for having the knowledge and skills of both platforms, the best of both worlds, as it were.

Some of my photography artwork is licensed with Kess InHouse Designs, and I also have some on Society 6, Etsy and eBay. I also have a dozen Lenormand card decks of my own designs, available on eBay and Etsy. And no, I’m not rolling in Money…not yet anyway 😉. But it’ll come, it’s coming in when I least expect it, and I know the dribble will become a steady trickle soon enough, and then watch out for the flood! 

So yeah, I’m grateful for the journey my mobile photography has taken me on, these last 6 years. And I’ll continue to hone my photography skills, and work on new art and designs, doing what I’m passionate about, and loving every minute.

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