30 Days of Gratitude: #19

#19: What touch are you grateful for?

You may laugh, but around 46% of dog owners let their dogs sleep on their bed with them. That’s nearly half of all dog owners. I bet the figure would be higher if not for fur allergies, clean freaks and controlling partners. Luckily, I’m free of all those. 😉

My Shelagh sleeps in my bed, and Scruffy sleeps in my son’s bed. And yes, Shelagh can be the most terrible bed hog with no sense of personal space, but she’s also fiercely protective of me, a great watchdog, and terribly cute when she rolls over for a good tummy rub in the mornings.

I’m grateful for Shelagh’s presence when I reach out in the middle of the night and touch her head or side. The feel of her gently rising ribcage under my hand is most reassuring and calming. She makes the cutest little snuffling noises in her sleep, and sometimes her legs cycle about energetically when she dreams about chasing after balls. I’m grateful that Shelagh’s by my side at night as well as during the day. And I don’t even mind if she occasionally kicks me in the side mid-doggy dream, or wakes me up briefly when she jumps off the bed to take a drink from her water bowl, or barks when she hears some unusual noise outside.

Come the cooler winter months, I’m grateful for my big brown heater in the shape of Shelagh. She’s quite a big dog, and boy does she give off some body heat! It’s also very endearing when she plonks herself by my side in bed, with her head on my lap, and we both go to sleep like that, with my hand on her back. 

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