30 Days of Gratitude: #25

#25: What moment this week are you most grateful for?

Meep, my little Kia Cerato car, had a minor scrape this week. A couple of mishaps, actually.

The first was when I was reversing Meep out of the driveway, to go to a dogwalking assignment. It had been quite windy, and a sudden rogue gust of wind blew the gate halfway shut right as I was reversing the car. 


Meep won the bout, though, coming away with just a couple of scrapes on her back bumper, and a slightly popped out bumper. 

But the gate, oh the gate. I found out as I was closing it that Meep’s bump had been harder than initially thought. The metal had bent inwards and now the latch was a good 1 inch lower than before. Which meant it wouldn’t go into the hole in the brick pillar, which meant we couldn’t lock the gate, which meant anyone could get into our yard anf steal the hens, Japanese quail, Budgies, Weiros, 2 bicycles and whatever else was in a number of crumbling boxes under the back patio.

Oh, not good.

But anyway I was running late already, so fixing the gate would have to wait. Off I went and did my errands, and then when I got back, my son Jack and I hatched an ingenious plan to repair the gate.

Jack’s idea was to hammer the bent gate back into alignment. But I believed the iron would be too hard for a mallet. And so it was.

My idea was to use the mallet and a screwdriver (we couldn’t find any other tools) to make a new hole in the brick pillar, so the displaced latch could go in. And so we did.

And now it’s fixed, yay! So grateful for my ingenuity πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

That day I swear a total of 9 Mazda cars in Soul Red (the car I’ve been manifesting the last 3 weeks) literally threw themselves in Meep’s path. I take that as a sign that perhaps it’s time to upgrade Meep to a Mazda in Soul Red? 

Please, Universe, make it so!

The very next day, as Meep was reversing out the driveway, my son Jack said there was a floppity noise from the back tyre. So I stopped the car and got out to look.

Poor Meep. Somewhere along the way she’d managed to pick up a screw in her right back tyre. I knew that if I tried to pull the screw out, we’d end up with a definite flat tyre. So instead, we drove to the nearest mechanic and had them repair the tyre. 

I was expecting to have to pay at least $200 for a new tyre and service charge. There goes this week’s dogwalking wages, I was thinking. 

But luckily the tyre itself proved to be salvageable. And I only had to pay $30 for the extraction of the offending screw and some kind of filler.

Hurray for small mercies! So grateful, Universe, thank you! 

Please, Universe, can I have less drama with the car. And more Abundance and Wealth instead?And I’d love to own and drive a Mazda in Soul Red, Please and Thank you. No offence to Meep, she’s served me well. πŸ˜„ 

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