30 Days of Gratitude : #28

#28: What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

Today was going to be an easy, lazy day at home. I was enjoying my long 4-day weekend, a stretch from Australia Day on Thursday the 26th through to Sunday. 

Then I got a text message on my mobile phone from my boss, Wendy, asking if she could have my key to River’s house, as she was petsitting River over the weekend. (River is my regular dogwalking client). 

Right after that, I received a text message from my local library saying a book I’d reserved had become available, and could I come and collect it, please.

What’s a girl to do? I know, go to the library, return some books, borrow some more and pick up the one waiting for me. Then drive along the coastal road to Wendy’s, and drop off River’s key. And since we’re in the area, we might as well visit the thrift stores in the area.

And that’s exactly what my son Jack and I did. I’m grateful for Wendy’s and the Library’s texts this morning, as they culminated in a very productive thrift store haul. These are the treasures we scored today:

– A pair of board shorts for Jack, for swimming. Jack is growing so fast he’s outgrown most of his clothes from last year.

– a large 2 x 4 foot fabric art frame, with circles and stripes, that I intend to sew Kantha-style (running stitch) in varying colours, and either keep or sell. 

– a variety of orphan pillowcases with interesting designs and patterns, that I can halve or quarter and sew together into a patchwork, and add to a thrifted duvet cover and again sew with running stitches to make a Kantha quilt/comforter.

– an arty wooden ornamental ball and 2 smaller wire balls, to add to what surely is the start of an arty ball collection.

– a denim tab-top curtain, that I intend to add Kantha patchwork to, and either sell or use on the door dividing our living room from the hallway.

– a pretty modern floral duvet cover that can be used as is, or repurposes into another Kantha quilt/comforter.

I also managed to make a new friend at the Library today. 😊 Her name is Sue, and she’s Korean, but we exchanged “Happy Chinese New Year” greetings anyway, as no one else seemed to have remembered. We’re going to have a cuppa tea someday soon.

So yes, I’m grateful today for Wendy and the Library instigating a trip out to Safety Bay and Port Kennedy. A very productive day, indeed. 

And Thank You, Universe! 

(Images sourced from Pinterest)

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