30 Days of Gratitude: #30

#30: What talent or skills do you have that you are grateful for?

As an autodidact and a naturally curious person, I’ve always believed in learning new skills or gaining knowledge by way of total immersion. Meaning I will research, read up, test out and put into practice whatever subject I’m currently into. Formal educational qualifications are not necessary when studying Life. But if it’s formal qualifications you need, rest assured I have enough of them under my belt. 

Learning never stops. If you stop learning, your brain calcifies.

It goes without saying then that I DO have quite a few skills and talents. Not blowing my own trumpet, of course 😄. Naturally, one can’t be excellent in every single thing, so I’m better at some than others…for example, my cheesemaking experiments were nothing to shout about, being as I lacked vital ingredients and tools. My dream of buying and renovating an old Asturian (North of Spain) barn came to nothing, as I did the math and found my finances somewhat lacking. My dressmaking skills are adequate enough, but not enough for me to become the next Coco Chanel. My aspirations to own a herd of Angora goats for their mohair got tangled in logistics and abandoned.

Other skills fared better over the years. I’m good at designing and handsewing teddy bears and other plush toys. I’m a licensed photography artist. I’m a Classically trained musician plus I can also handle digital technology. I can make music on my Yamaha Tenori-On the way no one else on Earth can (seriously). I know animal husbandry. I’m a qualified Canine Behaviourist. I have skills in writing articles and have been published in craft magazines. I can design and make furniture out of MDF panels. 

But I guess the thing I’m most grateful for is the fact that I know that if I really put my mind to it, I can do anything. The only obstacles in my path are those I have placed there myself, whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

I’m grateful for this “30 Days of Gratitude” exercise, which finishes today, as it has given me ample opportunity to find out more about myself, and my own capabilities. Thank you for bearing with my ramblings, and I hope I didn’t bore you all too much 😄.

(Image source: Pinterest. @northern.lightz)

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