What I’ve Learned…

Having just completed 30 Days of Gratitude, which involved self-examination, looking inwards, identifying my own strengths and weaknesses and being courageous enough to tell them to the world, here are some things I’ve learned: 

(Image curated from Pinterest):

What you allow will continue. I’ve allowed various people, over the years, to dictate how I should behave, how I should live my life, what my beliefs should be, who my circle of friends should be. Well, no more. 

From now on I intend to live Life My way, for My Highest Good. The only person I have to please is myself. The only person who holds the key to my Happiness is myself. 

The Universe is on my side, The Universe has my back. I just have to focus on Appreciating with Gratitude all the Abundance that I already have, and I expect to attract More and More Abundance. My Life will be a Success on my own terms. 

I refuse to be dragged down anymore by anyone’s negativity, their pessimism, their efforts to drag me down to their level. Not my monkeys, not my circus. 

I will appreciate any positive aspects of a person’s character, and encourage them to be the best they can be. If they cannot be positive, or if they are spirit sappers, I will remove myself from their lives with grace. 

I will no longer entertain anymore negative talk, either by others or from myself. I intend to be the Best that I can be, and I will be the only judge of my success. 

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