Colours Make Me Happy

Just sharing some of my favourite photos, curated from Pinterest. I appear to have come down with the dreaded ‘flu. 😒

But hey, I made a commitment and promise to myself nearly 4 years ago, that I would write something every day, and I’ve more or less managed to do that bar a couple of mishaps and accidental deletions. 

So here’s today’s offering to you all…a variety of colourful, vibrant scarves. Because Colours Make Me Happy. Colours uplift my spirits, make me feel cheerful and inspire me to go create my own splash of psychedelic combinations. I have some rather sweet pillowcases that I mean to turn into cute patchwork scarves, I might just start doing that.

Or..maybe wait til I feel a bit better.

Enjoy today’s Pinterest curated offerings!

Yeah, and scarves make me happy too πŸ˜„!

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