The Specifics of Manifesting

Be careful how you word your Intentions and Wishes. I’ve learnt that you have to be Very Specific with what you ask The Universe for.

For the last 2 months, I’ve been Manifesting Mazda cars in Soul Red. Now they seem to appear everywhere I go, in various guises – in the flesh, in magazines, in ads on Facebook even. I’m still working on trying to manifest Ownership and Possession of a Mazda in Soul Red. I’m not going to stop until I get the ownership papers and car keys in my grubby little hands 😄.

I also fell in love with a dinky little house for sale close to my current home. Over the past 2 years, the Ex has let the Home Loan slide so much that the bank now wants to repossess it from him. I say him because although technically, as his wife, I am entitled to half the property. But on paper, he is the sole owner as I’m not named on the Home Loan or Title Deeds. We’ve been really struggling to service the loan and all the bills etc since the economic downturn. We’ve been living hand to mouth, with small mercies and little lucky strikes here and there.

Anyway, 3 Hydra Close was for sale, and I brought along my son Jack and my dear neighbour and close friend Diane, to view it. It was love at first sight. It was perfect for us, it even had a swimming pool for my dog Shelagh. 

Fast forward a month later. There was another viewing, and this time I decided to bring the Ex along. He’d been telling me about his Filipina girlfriend wanting to come over to Australia to live with him. So I suggested the Ex rent a place for me and Jack to move out to, so he could then do whatever he liked with our current home – sell it, or pay the arrears and live there with his girlfriend. 

I reckon I must’ve confused The Universe. I’d been telling It that I wanted Ownership and Possession of 3 Hydra Close, but my mind was also thinking “How can I get it, I’m only employed casually and haven’t got 2 pennies to rub together. Maybe I could rent it instead?” When I asked the owner of the property if he would consider renting it to me if he hadn’t sold it by March, he said Yes! So I then tried Manifesting a Rental of 3 Hydra Close.

But, as Life would have it, when my Ex and I went to view the property last weekend, there was a lot of interest in it from the other people visiting it. I emailed the owner again asking if he’d consider renting the house to us now…

And was told he’d received 2 offers from the last viewing. Hurrah for him. Not so hurrah for me.

But, as Luck would have it, 2 days after that fateful viewing, I happened to see a home viewing listed for the house next door, at 1 Hydra Close.

Well, it’s got a new kitchen and bathroom, and all the paintwork is fresh and white…but the garden is not a patch on the house next door. And it hasn’t got a swimming pool. But it has a huge workshop/shed where we can put all our junk. And it’s enclosed, so the dogs will be safe. 

So we put our names forward to rent it. Ideally, I’d have liked to rent it in my own name…but beggars can’t be choosers at this present moment in time. So it’ll be the both of us renting it as housemates, until my financial circumstances improve and I can take over the lease from the Ex. By that time hopefully he’ll have a better idea what his future with his lady paramour will be like, and he can move on from the rental.

So, although I didn’t Manifest Ownership and Possession of 3 Hydra Close, The Universe did hear my plea and has granted me 1 Hydra Close as a Rental instead. 

I can’t wait to start packing up and moving in, in 3 weeks’ time. I feel like my Life is starting to Move again.

Thank You, Universe! Now please Manifest my Lottery Win of AU$10 million dollars tonight, thanks so much! 😄

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