If Spam Was Real…

We all get Spam in our emails, to some extent. Well, what if Spam was real, meaning whatever the email promised really came true for us?

I swear The Universe loves playing tricks on me sometimes. These days my email inboxes are full of Spam. The surreal thing is, it’s not just the usual Nigerian Dead Relatives Scam, or Viagra Deals, or Hot Asian Babes (don’t ask me how that came about, I haven’t a clue!). No, these days the Spam I get are quite specific to what I’ve been giving thought to.

Our secondhand Dyson vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck. It blows. It’s the singular reason why my son Jack hates vacuuming.

– I get spam emails every day about testing out the newest Dyson cleaners.

I would love to buy my own property, or rent one.

– I get spam emails offering me home loans, personal loans or advice on how to pay off my credit card debt.

I intend to start my own business selling my handmade/handsewn crafts. (A tall order indeed, as I have a credit card debt I can’t pay, and no bank will give me a business loan…but that won’t stop me from dreaming and intending).

– I get spam emails saying that my loan for $50,000 has been approved. Or that I’m about to get a credit card with a $25,000 limit, interest free. Or that all my debts have been erased now that Donald Trump is President of the USA.

I’d like to win BIG at the Lottery so I can live comfortably the rest of my life.

– I get spam emails telling me I’ve won the Lottery. In the USA, no less. 

So, if all these spam emails were somehow True, I’d be a millionnaire right now. 😄

I found this funny on Google – about the only kind of spam I’d be delighted to receive!

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