Change is Scary

You’d have thought, that as a veteran of moving houses and countries (22 house moves and 6 countries in the last 46 years) I’d be ho-hum and blasé about my next house move. But yup, truth be told, it’s one Big Scary New Adventure to me.

But I’ve burnt my bridges. Some of those bridges I burnt with the help of relatives and friends – they handed me the matches. I’m not saying cutting off ties is the recommended thing to do, but there comes a time in everyone’s lives when you have to live for yourself, choose your own path, carve out your own niche, stop conforming, break free of Society’s constraints and do your own thing. And sometimes, those relatives and friends, whether they mean well or whether they’re pulling you down to their own level of misery, just have to be let go, in order for you to move on.

Sometimes, the only thing compelling you to move forwards is the knowledge that there’s nothing left to go back to. Once you realize that there’s nothing left to lose, you suddenly become braver and more inspired to change.

In a few weeks’ time, I’m downsizing to a smaller home, a rented home. But one in which I hope my dreams can not only stay alive but flourish. 

I stand on the precipice, waiting to leap out into the unknown, hoping the net will appear. It’s like being on a rollercoaster, as it’s inching and creaking its way to the pinnacle, right before the sheer near-vertical drop at the start of the ride. Where you hold on to the rails for dear life, and if you dare look down your heart jumps up into your throat from sheer anticipation. You know it’s safe…or is it, really? You’ve seen other people completing the circuit without mishap…but there’s always a first time and accidents do happen, right? Should I get off? What if I fall?

Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

Here are some inspirational quotes I’ve curated from Pinterest, which I’m pinning here to bolster my own confidence, as well as to help any of you, my dear readers, who may need it right now.

Wish me luck!

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