Room by Room…

I have yet to move into my new rental, but I’ve already started daydreaming about how I’ll furnish it, room by room. 

It’s going to be fantabulous, I know it! My Pinterest boards are burgeoning with pinned interior decoration ideas. Oooh, the possibilities! And, the best thing is, if you’re cash-strapped like me, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to create these looks. All you need is your Imagination…and a sprinkle of Fairy Dust.

I have this gorgeous turquoise colour on a wall in my current home, and I’d love if the owner of my rental gave permission for me to paint the walls any colour I like. Right now, everything in that house is white, except for the jarrah floorboards, which are a deep reddish brown.

Again, with the turquoise wall…and now add a dash of blue velvet. I’d love to have this chaise longue, but I’ve never seen its type here in Australia.

Of course, one must have a cosy corner to curl up in and read a book, or watch the world go by. Not sure about curious passersby looking in, though…the front garden is open to traffic.

Still, the idea has a certain cottagey charm about it. I love the fairy lights idea.

And during the day, with crystals like these hanging where the sunlight streams in, there’ll be rainbows dancing on my walls. What’s not to like?

I think I might even decorate the trees in the backyard like this!

The backyard is fully enclosed, and dark as there’s no lamp post on the street outside. Hanging some solar-powered fairy light strings will give the garden a magical feel at night. A bit like fireflies.

Get a shallow circular planter like the one in the foreground. Fill it with pebbles at the bottom, compost, sand and fine gravel, then plant succulents in it. Makes a spectacular, easy to care for display. Succulents are about the only plants I’ve ever been successful with.

The kitchen is ultra-modern and ultra-white. So I’ll inject some colour using green houseplants. And maybe a dash of colour by way of vibrant Mediterranean/Moroccan-inspired crockery.

This verandah is very similar to the one at my new home. It even has the grapevines growing in the same corner! Some potted plants with lush green leaves, and a splash of galvanised metal ought to do it.

My bedroom will be simple, with a riot of jewel colours by way of Kantha bedlinen and cushions. 

I’d love to have these iridescent rainbow aura mosaic tiles in my shower, SIGH…maybe in my next home? 

(Update: Well, I might NOT be moving into the rental after all…due to unforeseen circumstances and the extremely fickle nature of Australian mining employers. The Ex had a 3 week shutdown job up north, which would’ve paid for the rental bond and deposit. But he was back after only 4 days, because the employer decided to cut numbers by 10. SIGH…it always seems to be 2 steps forward, 3 steps back in this country. So, we are going to do our darndest to hang on to our current home instead. It’ll be a real struggle to get on top of the mortgage arrears and to keep the wolves at bay, but I know if we work together, it Can be done. Maybe THIS was the lesson, after all).

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