Musical Chairs

…Well, Musical Furniture, actually.

As in, having a good old clear out of my son Jack’s bedroom. All in one fell swoop.

I’d been meaning to get the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo, hoping it would grant me an insight as to how to tidy up my house once and for all. The book was $20 at Big W, but before purchasing it, I checked ISSUU on my mobile phone, to make sure it wasn’t already available there for free.

Well, surprise, surprise, it WAS available to download on ISSUU. Not just preview pages either, but the book in its entirety. Completely FREE. Hurrah! I just saved $20. Yay, happy dance!

One of the main principles taught by the KonMari technique (a play on words invented by Mari herself, based on her name), is to NOT and I repeat, NOT, tidy things up a little at a time. No, one should rather go whole hog and tackle everything at once. Be brutal as well as swift. 

So today I tested out that theory with Jack’s room. His is a double sized bedroom, but over the years he’s somehow accumulated so much stuff aka junk, that it resembles a cave. A very messy, cluttered and dare I say it, smelly cave.

So this afternoon after school, we basically moved most of Jack’s things out of his room, and then played the furniture version of Musical Chairs.

The results are most encouraging. But man, am I knackered! 😄

The state of Jack’s room…and this is its “natural” state! 

So much junk on every surface! 

Jack’s bed used to be a single, then when he outgrew it (he’s 6′ 4″ now at just 14 years old and still growing at a phenomenal rate!) I swapped his single for the sofabed that was languishing unused in the spare room (aka the “Junk Room” where everything gets chucked). When my finances allow for it, I’ll get him a proper Queen sized bed.

Mid-way through Musical Furniture. The metal shelves have been moved from one side of the room to the other. The white chest of drawers needs to move across to the opposite side of the room.

Nearly there. There’s still a lot of junk to throw out or donate to charity, and Jack knows he only has til Saturday morning before I get the removals people to come pick up what we no longer want to keep. The posters have to come off the wall, and all the Blu-Tack removed. So much more cleaning up to do!!

Originally, Jack had 1 Dreamcatcher each on opposite walls. I simply used a stick I’d picked up from a park, balanced both Dreamcatchers on it, and used a purple chain Jack had to hang it on the wall above the bed. Hey, it works! 

Ahhh! So much roomier now! 😄 Jack’ll sleep well tonight, I reckon!

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