Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, But Before That – Design Home

I’m the last person you’ll want to ask for advice on keeping plants. I don’t have green thumbs or green fingers, in fact I have a knack for accidentally killing my house plants with my “loving ministrations”. 

I don’t mean to be a plant killer. I just never learnt much about keeping plants while growing up. Plus, I grew up in a tropical country (Malaysia) where there are no hot or cold seasons, and where it’s always either sunny and humid, or raining and humid. So, my idea of gardening is to just stick the seed/sapling/plant/tree in a pot or straight into the ground, whenever, water it now and then and leave the rest to Mother Nature.

So, I’m still learning slowly how to take care of my plants. Succulents I can do, as they more or less fall in with my gardening philosophy above 😄. 

But lately I feel drawn to certain houseplants. Quite possibly because for a couple of months now I’ve been diligently playing an App Game on my mobile phone called “Design Home“. To say I love the game would be an understatement. Basically, in this game you’re the interior designer and you’re given a brief, and then you have to “buy” furniture, accessories and plants to furnish your look. In return you get “paid” for each completed assignment, and then your work is voted on by other players. If you get above 4 out of 5 stars, you win prizes by way of furniture, which goes into your inventory. If you get 5 out of 5 stars, you win the furniture prize as well as Diamonds.

Diamonds can be converted into Cash, and Cash is then used to purchase more furniture. Here’s where real money comes into play – you can buy Diamonds if you haven’t got enough Cash, but Diamonds cost real $$$. 

Anyway, check out Design Home here for yourself. Here are some screenshots, taken from the App’s listing on Google Play:

Did you notice the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in the last 2 images above? Yup, that’s where my hankering after one of my own comes from! 😉

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