Kantha Footstool Project

I recently purchased 2 secondhand footstools, (pictured below with Boo the cat after he’d appropriated one for himself):

They were going for $25 apiece, but I convinced the store manager (it was a Cash Converters) to give them both to me for $25.

Then, a few days afterwards, after I mentioned them to my neighbour Diane, she said she was throwing out 2 footstools that she didn’t need anymore, so I could take them if I liked.

Well, I liked 😄. And so did Boo, again:

These were slightly smaller, and rectangular compared to my purchased footstools.

My plan for the footstools is to re-upholster them with Kantha stitched fabric. I’d make up patchwork pieces and embroider them with Kantha running stitches, then make up new coverings for the footstools.

Diane says to show her the finished footstools, and who knows, she may want them back 😉.

Anyway, I haven’t started just yet on my newest projects, seeing as I’m still only halfway through sewing a Kantha quilt. But here are some Kantha covered footstools/floor cushions/ottomans/benches that I’ve curated from Pinterest, to pique your interest.

(And before you ask, no, I am not going to be sewing any round poufs. Let me hone my straight stitching skills first, before I try any curves 😄😄😄).

I’ll have a go at re-upholstering my footstools, and perhaps making some square floor cushions. I shall no doubt be scouring my local thrift stores and secondhand furniture stores for likely candidates for refurbishment. 

(The following images are curated from Pinterest. Search “Kantha footstool” or “Kantha ottoman” to see more):

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