Miniature Marvels

I came across this image on Pinterest, which piqued my interest:

I found the whole idea, of miniature terrariums filled with crystals and things found in nature, rather intriguing, so I quickly created a Pinterest Board with the title “Miniature Marvels”. 

And rapidly started filling it up with images of the most sublime, beautiful pieces of miniature art. The year before last, I went through a crazy phase about Terrariums, and last year I obsessed about collecting crystals. Now these miniature marvels married both concepts brilliantly.

I may even try my hand at making my own wearable miniature terrariums. I know I can get the miniature bottles/vials etc at any discount shop, as I’ve seen plenty, and I have several miniature quartz crystal points already. So, I just might create my own miniature marvels.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these beauts. If you need more information, please go to my Pinterest Board “Miniature Marvels” and click on the relevant photo.

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