“Kate Bush”

You may have read in a previous post about my 2 Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) trees that I named Carol and Daryl, after characters in the series The Walking Dead. Carol and Daryl were repotted in plastic barrels and then left on the floor by the TV in the living room, while I figured out where to site them on a more permanent basis.

Well, I was in Big W in Kwinana, after petsitting a dog, and came across a whole bunch of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees for sale. They were somewhat larger than Carol and Daryl, and by the look of their leaves and trunk, I surmised that they were the “bush” type, as opposed to the “trunk” type, which grow taller and have their leaves bunched towards the top.

So I came home with a new addition to our family. I wanted to get the same barrel pots that Carol and Daryl were in, but sadly Bunnings had sold out of them.

Seeing as the “bush” type of Fiddle Leaf Fig only grows to about 3-4 feet high, compared to the “trunked” type which can reach 7-8 feet high, I decided to get my new plant a nice big pot that could be her permanent home, no more repotting after this.

As for a name, I figured because she’s a “bush”, why not Kate, as in Kate Bush? 😉

All 3 have now pride of place by the big picture window in my living room. You can see in the photo how Kate Bush (in the middle) is bigger and bushier than Carol and Daryl.

Kate Bush



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