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Gratitude Word Art (Freebies again!!)

Just a few word art images I’ve created for you, my dear readers. Yes, feel free to take them and share them with your family and friends. I reckon they’d look good printed as cards or gift tags.



Just playing with the app Snapseed, getting reacquainted with it and also tripping down Nostalgia Lane with my pet menagerie and other assorted animals. 

Yes, I’ve been feeling somewhat lacklustre and jaded lately, so an injection of colour was called for, hence the saturation in these images. 


3 Days To Halloween

2 more spooky, Halloweeny images for you to enjoy today:

Halloween is not really celebrated here in Australia, unlike in America. Trick-or-treaters knocking on doors are still quite rare. Having said that, it has become a very popular seasonal retail opportunity for stores to, pardon the pun, make a killing. Morbidity, gore and black humour seem to appeal to many of the younger generation. With the recent spate of scary clown sightings not just in America but also here in Australia, sales should be right on target for retailers. Currently, Halloween merchandise jostle for shelf space with Christmas merchandise. 

I bet the retailers will breathe a sigh of relief when they can put away their Halloweeny stuff til next August, and start banging their drums about Christmas instead.

4 Days To Halloween

4 days to go, before Halloween. And here are 2 more images I created. Enjoy!

I remember as a child, there were always bats in the roof space of out house in Malaysia. They’d fly out in the evenings and go whirling about the place. I thought bats had cute dog-like faces, but was terrified of getting one tangled up in my hair. So whenever I spotted one flying about, I’d duck if it swooped near. I’ve only seen a bat up close once in real life, and their wings are simply amazing. 

5 Days to Halloween

5 days to go til Halloween. Here are 2 more images I created on my mobile device, enjoy!

The 31st of October also happens to be my son Jack’s birthday. He’ll be turning 14 this year. How time flies! I still remember how his due date was the 21st of October, but when he showed no sign of arriving, I was booked in to be induced on the 29th. But still he had other ideas, and it took a C-section to make my little Jack-o-Lantern appear on Halloween itself. 

Jack’s father and I had already decided on his name, even before he was born on the 31st of October. So it became even more apt that he should live up to expectations, by arriving right on time!

6 Days To Halloween

Here are 2 images that I created a while ago, when I still had my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (when it still worked properly). 

I created 12 images in total, and with there being 6 days left to go until Halloween/Samhain, I thought I’d share them here with you all, 2 per day.

Hope you like them! They were pretty easy to create, using background images that I’d created on my Note 4 by blending photos and effects/filters, and clip art from PicsArt.

Photo Lab Pro

Photo Lab is an App I found on the Google Play Store. It has certain possibilities and some exotic filters and effects. It could have more filters and features, is my only gripe. But then again, I’ve found that there is No App that does absolutely everything you would want to do with a photo. Each and every App has its own pros and cons, some are just better and others worse.

Photo Lab comes in a free version as well as a paid version, called Photo Lab Pro.

I like the more arty filter effects. Here are some Anemones I’ve edited using this App:


Just some rather fishy digital artwork I did while experimenting with some Apps and clipart. I was contemplating creating a new Series called “Finspirations”, but then other creative ideas arrived and took over. I might come back to this at a later time, but first I must follow my Muse…😄.

What I love about this form of Art is that it requires absolutely no paints, canvasses, easels, brushes etc. And better yet, there’s no cleaning up to do, ever! 

Anyway, enjoy! I hope you like them! 

Take 2 Teacups and Saucers…

A long time ago, well 3 years ago, I created over 100 photo images of stacked vintage teacups and saucers, a set inspired by Alice in Wonderland and appropriately titled “The Madhatter’s Teaparty”.

A company in Estonia approached me recently to license one of my images from that Series, for an embroidery kit. They are the sole distributor in Europe for DMC embroidery threads and kits, so it was an honour to be aproached by them.

The company wanted to see what other images I had, in case they wished to produce more embroidery kits. So I dug through my computer’s hard drive for the Madhatter’s Teaparty images, and as I looked through them I wondered if I could reproduce the same effects as from all those years ago.

I’m so happy that I haven’t lost my touch with the mobile photography art. Today’s project was a real off-the cuff thing as I’d fully intended to crack on with some sewing after having a cuppa coffee in one of my teacups (yes, very insouciant of me), but as I was putting my washed cup and saucer away (yes, I had a couple of biscuits with my tea), my gaze lingered on my collection residing in the display cabinet right behind ny sewing machine workstation (aka the kitchen table), and I just couldn’t resist.

I took just one photo of 2 of my vintage cups and saucers stacked up for this. Here it is, unedited:

I ran it through the App PicsArt for this vignetting effect:

Now here’s where the fun starts. Using the above as my template, and just the Apps PicsArt, Photo Editor and Snapseed, I produced these:

Hope you enjoyed these! 

I just might do a second series of Madhatter teacups in this vein. If anyone’s wondering what I’d like for Christmas, a vintage teacup and saucer set will do very nicely, thank you 😉! Teacups make me happy! 

2 Dogs and a Cat, Prisma’d

I was just playing around further with the App “Prisma”, familiarising myself with its Share functionality, which is the only way to get an image out of Prisma to another photo editing App, in order to do basic editing or to add further filters.

And what better subjects than my own pets, Scruffy, Shelagh and Boo?

As you can see, there are numerous artsy effects on Prisma, which can turn your image into a myriad of different style paintings. However, in order to add or layer one effect on another, you have to export/share the edited image to an outside App, and then export/share it back to Prisma.