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30 Days of Gratitude : #17

#17: What knowledge are you grateful for?

I suppose this would have to be my knowledge of iPhoneography and Androidography aka my mad mobile photography skills 😄.

I started out late 2010 on an iPhone 3, testing out Lomography Apps. Then I got a 2nd hand iPhone 4, and more Apps, and widened my range of photo editing apps, joined a couple of forums and online iPhoneography communities. 

I was such an enthusiast of iPhoneography that I shot and edited anything and everything, from trees, swamps, flowers, sceneries, animals, architecture, landscapes…

Then in 2011 I organised and set up Perth City’s (and Western Australia’s) 1st ever iPhoneography exhibition and workshop. By the end of the year, I’d self-published 2 photo books, one on the Maylands swamplands near where I lived, the other a collection of my personal favourite photos.

In 2013, I grew tired of trying to keep up with Apple’s yearly “newest” iPhone, I mean, if it’s That good, why can’t its software just get updated yearly, instead of having to buy a completely new phone every year? The last straw was in September 2012, when I chanced to be in Perth and just so happened to come across the queue of people waiting to get into the Apple Store, just so they could buy the newest iPhone. The queue snaked round the block and nearly back to itself, like some ouroboros. 

I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S3 in late 2013, and haven’t looked back since. And now I’m grateful for having the knowledge and skills of both platforms, the best of both worlds, as it were.

Some of my photography artwork is licensed with Kess InHouse Designs, and I also have some on Society 6, Etsy and eBay. I also have a dozen Lenormand card decks of my own designs, available on eBay and Etsy. And no, I’m not rolling in Money…not yet anyway 😉. But it’ll come, it’s coming in when I least expect it, and I know the dribble will become a steady trickle soon enough, and then watch out for the flood! 

So yeah, I’m grateful for the journey my mobile photography has taken me on, these last 6 years. And I’ll continue to hone my photography skills, and work on new art and designs, doing what I’m passionate about, and loving every minute.

Christmas Cheer

2 Freebies for everyone today! Feel free to copy, paste, print, share!

Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you wish it to be known as. What’s more important is that we treat each and every day of the year, and each and every person we meet, with the same Happiness and Utmost Respect that we would want to receive ourselves. Every day is a good day, why reserve it just for Christmas, when you, yes YOU, can make every single day one filled with Love, Laughter and Life! 

Let’s appreciate the people we have around us, our friends and chosen family, now while they’re still with us on this beautiful and bounteous Earth. It really doesn’t matter if we are not of the same race or creed, Goodness is in every one of us, and it is our duty to perform good deeds, think good thoughts, say positive things. If every one on Earth did just that, each and every day, with humility and compassion, Humankind would evolve into higher beings in no time at all, and there would be no more wars, religious prosecution, discrimination, poverty, hunger, homelessness.  

Your Thoughts create your Reality.


Lightbox Inspiration Typography #2

Here’s another L I T graphic I made, that’s been submitted to my licensing agent.

Today is what you make it. 

If you wake up grumpy, snarl at everyone you meet, complain about everything and just decide to let your entire day be negative, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

If however, you check yourself as soon as you realise you’re in a bad mood, and do a complete turnaround and just decide to be Happy and have a Great Day, no matter what, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Gratitude Word Art (Freebies again!!)

Just a few word art images I’ve created for you, my dear readers. Yes, feel free to take them and share them with your family and friends. I reckon they’d look good printed as cards or gift tags.


Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart 

Today’s Gratitude image, by moi. Feel free to copy, paste, print, share etc with your own circle of friends and family.

Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

1) the glorious weather, not too warm, with a lovely breeze

2) the privilege of spending an hour playing with 3 gorgeous dogs (my employers Wendy and Tony’s own dogs, as they are away this weekend)

3) being able to take Jack’s best friend Jordan out to watch the new Star Wars movie, followed by playtime at home and dinner at Domino’s Pizza afterwards. 

4) the company of my own 2 dogs, Scruffy and Shelagh, who are a constant source of happiness and joy for me

5) continuing to manifest Soul Red Mazdas into my life. Today as I was driving to petsit the 3 dogs, I was followed for much of the way by none other than a Mazda CX-3 in Soul Red. 

Thank You, Universe! More of the same, please! 🙇

(The beautiful Jett, Ruby & Zeus)

Lightbox Inspiration Typography #1

Last week I found some alphabet lightboxes at KMart and bought one, on a whim. Thank goodness I also had the presence of mind to buy an extra set of letters, just in case I ran out of vowels 😄.

I’m so grateful I bought the lightbox, as it’s started me on a brand new digital mobile photography art project, one which I call “Lightbox Inspiration Typography”, or L I T for short (see what I’ve done there?) 😉

Here’s the first one I did, in 2 colourways. 

I’ve since created a new one practically every day now, as a disciplined effort in Positive Thinking and Gratitude. Plus, I’ve submitted the ones I’ve made to my licensing company Kess InHouse Designs, and they’ve been accepted and will soon be on a range of home products such as prints, posters, mobile phone cases/skins, laptop and tablet cases, duvet covers, comforters, cushions, rugs, shower curtains, pet bandanas, t-shirts etc. 

So yeah, I’m grateful for this opportunity to add to my income in any way at all. And The Universe keeps surprising me by sending me orders for my products seemingly out of the blue, just when I need the money. 

Thank You, Universe

Just sharing a graphic that I created, thanking The Universe for the wondrous and wonderful week I just had. I’ve decided that instead of belabouring my misfortunes and unfortunate circumstances, I’m calling time on everything negative, and am only going to concentrate on the positives from hereon.

Positivity can only attract more positivity. Ditto negativity. And I’ve had just about enough of negativity. No more. 

From now on, it’s onwards and upwards. I won’t let other people drag me down, or tell me what to do, or dissuade me from doing what’s right for me. It’s My Life, and I’ll do it my way. 

Feel free to copy, paste or print out this graphic for your own use. It’s FREE and it’s yours, with my blessings. 

Have a Wonderful Life! Namasté 🙇.


Just playing with the app Snapseed, getting reacquainted with it and also tripping down Nostalgia Lane with my pet menagerie and other assorted animals. 

Yes, I’ve been feeling somewhat lacklustre and jaded lately, so an injection of colour was called for, hence the saturation in these images. 


Happy Halloween!

Just wishing you all a Happy Halloween, whatever the holiday means to you. It could be of religious significance to you, like the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, or it could just be an excuse to go Trick-or-Treating, or for having friends or relatives over for some quality time together. 

For me, it’s the celebration of the day my son Jack arrived on this Earth, 14 years ago. Happy Birthday, my not-so-little-anymore Jack-o-lantern! I’m so proud of what a great chap you’re turning out to be. ❤❤❤

Feel free to save and use the Halloween greeting card I’ve created, below. Send it to your friends, share it on your Pinterest board, print it out, etc. Enjoy!

Being broke but luckily still in posession of my old iPad 3, a simple factory setting reset later et voila! a “new” iPad for Jack to use in his new school and for his Art. That, and the 2016 Minecraft Annual magazine (better late than never lol), and Jack’s a happy bunny. 

Photos of Jack at his birthday dinner at the Hog’s Breath last night:

1 Day To Halloween

Tomorrow will be Halloween, but the only thing we’ll be celebrating is my son Jack’s 14th birthday. When he was younger, Jack would have the occasional birthday party with a few friends from school, but it soon became tedious when I realised that his little friends always expected his party to be Halloween-themed. Also, there was the tendency for the kids to expect presents, rather than give Jack presents.

So I stopped hosting Birthday + Halloween parties. I guess when Jack has his 18th birthday he can host a big Birthday + Halloween party himself, if he wants to. At least it won’t be as bad as being born on Christmas Day, where you get only 1 Birthday + Christmas present when you’re a kid, and then when you’re an adult you find yourself GIVING presents to other people on YOUR OWN Birthday. 

Anyway, here are the final 2 Halloweeny digital art images I created for the season, for your enjoyment.

Happy Halloween!