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I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the poems of Erin Hanson, a young and very talented Australian poet. Whenever I come across one of her poems (she signs off as “e.h” or The Poetic Underground), I always save it to my Pinterest board. 

Today I’d like to share one of Erin’s poems with you all.

We seem to forget so easily that what we do is not who we are. Neither are we what Society declares us to be. We get stuck in a rut because people, or circumstances put us there, and we foolishly believe that this is our lot for the rest of our lives. And, like fools, we act out the scenario and in our minds, it becomes real. 

Our friends and relatives are careful to play along, to cement the thought in our mind that this is it, this is how it is and how it will always be. For they too, slumber under the same dreamscape. 

But the truth is, it’s all a game, a shadow play, a charade. It’s not real. We All have the ability to change our future, to change our lives, simply by changing our thoughts. By aligning our thoughts with what we want, rather than with what we Don’t want, we CAN change our destiny. After all, aren’t we the Captain of our own Ship? 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I’ve been admiring the poems of young talent Erin Hanson, who writes as “e.h” aka “The Poetic Underground”. And I came across this one, which resonates strongly with me and is also a very relevant lesson that everyone should heed.

Remember, the next time you come across one of those New Age, Bohemian, Free Spirit, Rebel, Renegade types: not all who wander are lost. Maybe, just maybe, these folks have found themselves, and are enjoying and appreciating everything The Universe has to offer. And instead of looking at them with pity or scorn, try looking at them with fresh eyes.

(Image source: Google Images)

The Beginning Of The End

I served the papers on him today

This marks the beginning of the end

The journey has taken 6 years

And 1 day to be exact

To get to this point

But the light at the end of the tunnel

Is definitely Not an oncoming train

It’s definitely the Light to Freedom

An Opportunity to begin afresh

A new life

New possibilities

A Chance to live on my own terms

His only response was

“How do you feel about it?”

And my reply was Honest,

Truthful and To The Point:

“It doesn’t matter how I feel.

Because if it did, we wouldn’t 

Be having this conversation”.

He should have thought about that

Before he decided to break his vows

R.I.P Marriage

12.12.2010 – 13.12.2016

Never Again

Inspiration from Daniell Koepke & Maya Angelou (and my own Phoenix Poem)

(Image Source: Pinterest)


This is where I am now

At the precipice yet again

Knocked on doors til my fingers bled

But the ones who were not blind

Turned their eyes away

And the ones who were not deaf

Clapped their hands over their ears

And so I’ll have to Leap

And grow Wings on the way down

And rise again out of the ashes

Like the Phoenix that I am

(Poem by AlyZen Moonshadow)

(Image source: Pinterest)

Kantha Haiku

I had the notion to try sewing a “Kantha” scarf/wall hanging/table runner using only white embroidery thread. I wanted to see if the resulting finished product would have as much visual impact as one sewn using many colours of thread.

This is the result, and I must say I found it rather cathartic to not have to plan ahead with colours. It’s very like my current circumstances – having no money makes you think twice about rushing into making any impulse purchases, and whittles down your choices. Having only one embroidery thread colour to use restricts your impulse to go wild with colour, and lets you concentrate on your stitches.

Here’s the finished product. The first 2 photos are of the front, the 3rd shows what the background fabric is (a pillowcase):

This scarf is very flowery indeed, and reminds me of a garden. That, coupled with the snow flake effect of the white running stitches, gave me cause to write this Haiku:

Snow flakes on flowers

Blanket their winter slumber

Spring is still a dream

AlyZen Moonshadow

October 2016

The Answer

The silent sound

Of doors slamming

One after the other




That word is so familiar now

It’s my daily litany

I wonder what is wrong with me


Maybe it’s not me but the world

Maybe the world really

Doesn’t give a damn

Maybe it’s damned

Familiar faces turn away

Friends fall by the wayside

Everyone is safe

Safe inside their houses

So why should they care

About someone knocking

On their door?

Just ignore it, pretend you’re out

And it will go away


Maybe all those “No”s 

Are signposts to a better “Yes”

AlyZen Moonshadow

Nov 2016

When Life Imitates Art


Boro …

A Japanese word meaning


Patched, mended, scraps of cloth

Too good to be thrown away

Orphaned from their parents

Because they’ve changed too much

Changed, yes,

Worn and weary

Nevertheless far from useless

Put together in other ways

Joined with other rags

By a common thread

Take this thread and run with it

Beauty and composure regained

Dignity restored

What was once outcast

Is now revered and honoured

Respected and coveted

By those who comprehend

The story of the Phoenix

Rising from the ashes

I am Boro

I wear the scars and patches 

The sweat and tears

I wear them with humble pride.

(Photo of Boro scarf found on Pinterest. This one has particular meaning to me)

AlyZen Moonshadow

3 Nov 2016

4 Days To Halloween

4 days to go, before Halloween. And here are 2 more images I created. Enjoy!

I remember as a child, there were always bats in the roof space of out house in Malaysia. They’d fly out in the evenings and go whirling about the place. I thought bats had cute dog-like faces, but was terrified of getting one tangled up in my hair. So whenever I spotted one flying about, I’d duck if it swooped near. I’ve only seen a bat up close once in real life, and their wings are simply amazing. 

For The Love Of Words

I just started a Pinterest Board dedicated to Words and their definitions. I love some words more than others, especially the more onomatopoeic ones (haha, I’ve always wanted to use that particular word but somehow never had the right context to, until just now). Others I love for how they roll off the tongue, and some conjure up images in my mind that are not necessarily linked to their actual meaning. Many are not even in English. 

Anyway, here are just some of my favourites. If you’re hungry for more, take a look at my Pinterest board, it’s called “For The Love Of Words“.

Shooting Star

22nd August 2016. 8:30pm Western Australia time. My teenage son Jack and I are out in the park around the corner from our house. Shelagh has been playing Fetch with her glow-in-the-dark ball, Scruffy has enjoyed his time snuffling around and checking his pee-mail on all the tree trunks. 

We are in mid-conversation deploring the current state of Humanity, having just watched Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly (2 actors who never seem to age, coincidentally) in the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (2008). Jack is just joking that the only good things to have come out of Humanity were Pizza and Chocolate. And I’m just saying that for all we know, there are planets out there where pizzas taste like chocolate, or chocolates taste like pizza. And Jack is suggesting double-decker pizzas, when all of a sudden I notice a bright shooting star streaking across the night sky right above our heads.

I clutch at Jack’s arm and we both stare in awe at the shooting star. I’m so intent on telling Jack to make a wish upon the star, that I don’t have time to form a wish in my own head, before the shooting star vanishes.

But the Universe already knows my fondest wish, and will conspire to help me on my path towards making it a reality. And I hope that slowly but surely I will move out of this Limbo that we’re currently in (or as Jack calls it – “Stasis”), and we’ll be able to move forward again towards our goal. 

I wrote this very short poem, and created the graphic as well, to commemorate this auspicious day. (It also happens to be my dearest neighbour Diane Thomson’s 76th birthday).