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Cosy Coffee Corner

So, after years of my verandah being a junk collection of assorted pots with a variety of plants in various stages of life and death (can you tell I’m not very good at gardening?), I decided to tidy up and create a cosy coffee corner for myself. 

The lucky find of a round glass-topped table for just $10 at a thrift store was my incentive to change things around.

First, I cleared the verandah of everything, so I’d have a clean slate to play with. Then, I put the glass-topped round table in one corner and rearranged some potted plants around it and on top of it, til it pleased the eye.

It was good, but it lacked something.

So I went and Manifested some garden chairs to go with it, to create a cosy corner where I could sit and read or relax or play chess with my son Jack.

When I say I Manifested some garden chairs, I mean I simply thought about getting some garden chairs, envisioned a couple of them around the glass-topped round table, and kept thinking about that vision every day, whenever I was out and about driving from one dog visit to another.

Et voila! A few days later, I decided out of the blue to return some library books. As I was driving down the road, what did I see but 3 garden chairs stacked up on someone’s verge for anyone to take. 

The Council designates dates every year for different neighbourhoods to throw out their junk for what they call “verge collection”. Once stuff hits the grassy verges outside homes, if you see it and you want it, you better be quickest to it! Some people drive their cars with trailers behind them, scouring every road in the neighbourhood for salvageable junk, which they’ll clean up, repair or give a fresh lick of paint, and then try and sell on Gumtree (Australia’s version of Craigslist) or at car boot sales.

I made a note to check out the garden chairs on my way back from the library. If they were still there, and they had indeed been thrown out, and if they weren’t too shabby or broken, I’d take them. If they fit in my car, that is.

And Thank You, Universe! Yes, they were still there on my way back! I pulled over and had a quick look at my finds. One of the chairs had really rusted front and back legs, but the other 2 were fine. They were the plastic fake-wicker type of 1960s chairs, almost black in colour. 

Into the car they went, in a jiffy. 

Perfect! The chair with the wonky legs went to the side of our pool area, but the other 2 were exactly perfect for my corner. 

But…now I need some cushions to go with them.

Manifest, manifest, manifest! On my next drive, I told myself that the perfect cushions for my 2 chairs would be at the first thrift store I went to. I visualised a botanical theme to the cushions, maybe flowers or butterflies, some greens and reds. They’d be in the section where cushions were displayed, and they’d be ridiculously cheap.

And there they were. They were even sitting next to each other. 2 fat cushions for the back of the chairs, and 2 flatter ones for the seats. The 2 fat ones had butterflies, a ladybird and the letter “B” on one, and birds, leaves and writing on the other. The 2 flat ones were a plain dark green.

Perfect again! Thank You, Universe!

I’ll need to rinse off the dirt from my verandah again, as I did some more rearranging of my flower pots and troughs to fit the table and chairs in the corner. So, please excuse the dirt on the floor…but I now present to you my new Cosy Coffee Corner.

Total cost: AU $18

Table $10

Chairs FREE

Cushions $8 ($2 each)

Now I just have to Manifest a power pressure washer to wash away the dirt from the verandah 😄!

Welcome To My Boudoir

Over the last 3 months, my bedroom has had a total transformation. Not an expensive, interior designer priced transformation, but rather a series of furniture rearrangements, lucky thrift store finds, items that I already owned being repurposed, and objects I “manifested”. 

First, the Queen-sized bed was turned 90 degrees and pushed into a corner. Originally, there were 2 bedside cabinets, one on either side of the bed. I gave one to my son Jack, and put the other one by the bedroom door. 

I had a Queen Anne dressing table in the junk room. It had been given to me by a neighbour in our previous estate, and although I’d given it a new coat of white paint, it had simply languished in the junk room of our present house. But this time, after several coats of gesso and varnish (I couldn’t find the white paint), it’s not taken up residence at the end of my newly positioned bed. And it houses my collection of Affirmation, Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction cards, as well as some books that I keep meaning to read, and some crystals.

I bought a rug to fill up the now empty space between the bed and the door. The dogs like to lie on it. It also makes a great work surface for my sewing projects.

I bought some cushions from thrift stores to place on my bed against the wall. They’re the colours of jewels – purple, teal, orange, and at the foot of my bed is a dog-themed cushion and my dog Shelagh’s 3 favourite toys – Gorilla, Tiger Tiger and Lion Lion. 

Where my bed had been before, I’d had a large romantic canvas print on the wall, flanked by 2 bird-themed canvasses. I’d found a modern abstract canvas for $20 at a thrift store. It now has pride of place on the wall.

On the smaller wall above my bedhead now (in the photo above) I have put up 2 canvasses which are actually cheats. 

The abstract on the left, with the line drawing of a woman’s face, is actually a T2 wrapping paper, from when I bought my “She Loves” limited edition teacup and saucer 2 years ago. It’s simply been Blu-Tacked and duct-taped (shock, horror! 😆) to a homemade wooden box frame. 

The canvas on the right, featuring peacocks, is actually a wallpaper sample stapled to an IKEA wooden frame. I’d bought it as such from a thrift store, for $3.25. 

For some reason I dislike hammering nails into walls, so to attach these 2 canvasses to the wall I used Command Hanging Strips (by 3M). Basically, Command Hanging Strips are a simple combination of flexible sticky tape and velcro. You can remove them from walls without leaving a trace. No need to fill in nail holes and then have to repaint the whole wall afterwards.

Here’s the rest of my “boudoir”:

The chair is a dining room chair in mock leather, picked up from a thrift store for $10. I’ve covered it simply with one of my Kantha-Boro quilted pieces. The 2 Totoro plush characters are actually sitting on top of a radiator heater, that I use in winter. The bookcase hidden under the blue cloth houses my collection of Tarot and Oracle cards. The blue canvas with the deer silhouette came from KMart, $15. And the “N O W” letters on the wall were made by me using Gelli-printed paper glued to wooden letters, then varnished.

The large romantic canvas atop this Queen Anne hall table is the one that used to grace the space above my bed. It was moved to make way for the modern abstract you now see on the main wall of my bedroom, flanked by the bird canvasses.

The Queen Anne hall table was a lucky find at a secondhand furniture store. I just love its sexy, curvy shape. Below it is my old piano stool, simply draped with another of my Kantha-Boro pieces. 

The striking turquoise artwork on the wall in the photo above, is one of my own creations. I created it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone, then uploaded it to my computer, ran it through a Print-on-Demand service, chose the format (print on wooden/MDF panel) et voila! 

The black cloth with white circles and broken lines is a remnant I picked up from IKEA, over an IKEA tall chest of drawers. I like to call this spot my “Altar”. 

Favourite Inspirational Thoughts

Just a few Pinterest curated inspirational thoughts for the day, to mull over and ponder. 

I’m still learning to trust that The Universe will provide for all my needs, and that I don’t have to worry about anything. Some days things go swimmingly well, other days I begin to doubt myself…but The Universe then shows its wicked sense of humour and starts throwing synchronicities and coincidences across my path, as if to say “Hey, you, why do you doubt me? Here I am, to remind you!” 

Just the other day, after our epic clear-out of my son Jack’s bedroom, Jack and I were cooling off in the swimming pool when he started talking about his pet peeve – the vacuum cleaner. Straight away my mind remembered a YouTube video of a man tying to start his vacuum cleaner by repeatedly pulling the electric cable, as if it were a lawn mower.

A couple of hours later, I received an email from a relative, with a video attached…of the exact same man with the vacuum cleaner.

And all those multiple numbers – 11:11, 1:11, 2:22…

Coincidence? Or a clear nudge from The Universe?

30 Days of Gratitude: #1 & #2

Ok, so I’m going to start a 30 day Gratitude exercise. And I’m using this graphic (see below) that I found on Pinterest. 

Let’s see what changes come about by the end of this exercise. If nothing else, it’ll be a cathartic exercise and help me focus on my intentions.

As it’s the 2nd of January, 2017, I’ll start with the first 2 today.

#1 What smell are you grateful for today?

– it’s got to be my new handwash – sweet orange and almond. 9 out of 10 of the homes of my petsitting/dogwalking clients seem to have this particular handwash in common, and I like the smell so much I bought a bottle of it myself for Christmas. A bonus? The brand name is “thankyou”, how apt is that? 😄

#2 What technology are you grateful for?

– the internet and WiFi. Without which I could not do half the things I want to, or explore the world from my armchair, or learn new skills; or meet new people, or admire artists and inspirational figures, etc. The internet is my window to the world at large. So yeah, I’m grateful to have ready access to it. 

New Year, New Life

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to everyone! I sincerely wish everything Good upon you all, may your innermost desires be manifested and all your wishes come true. 

2016 is finally over. What a year that was! A real sobering, eye-opening, tear-filled, death-strewn, emotional rollercoaster of a year. 366 days of ups and downs. Mostly downs, as global general concensus indicates. 

2016 is the year everyone wants to forget about. Sweep it under the carpet and never look at it again. Only The Universe knows why all those bad things happened and were allowed to happen. Scientists have not found the answer to the reason behind 2016’s apparent mass accummulation and dissemination of bad luck, death and destruction. 

I have an idea. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy By Mass Hysteria. No, seriously…I may be still a Novice at this Law of Attraction thing, but I’ve experienced for myself the Manifestation of things just by tuning in and concentrating on my thoughts.


Imagine if one person’s negative thoughts can bring about a bad situation. It stands to reason then that these vibes can also influence other people. We’ve all felt it before – entering a workplace when the Office Dragon is in, and the atmosphere is downright freezing. Or, conversely, going to a rock concert where you get caught up in the euphoric atmosphere and have the time of your life. 

Our vibes really do rub off on other people. Imagine the ramifications of this if not one but millions of people were feeling the same sense of insecurity or fear. Humans deal with situations in their own way – some withdraw, others act out, some take up extreme sports, some attend psychedelic festivals, but most go shopping. The Media Moguls control a lot of what’s going on inside our heads, giving us the illusion of Choice, telling us that we’re too fat, too poor, too ugly etc and that we must buy these products in order to feel better about ourselves. Or to vote for someone you don’t particularly think is a good candidate, but have you heard what the other side is proposing to do?

So there we are, vibing off each other in ever widening ripples, each one of us causing more ripples of our own and setting into motion events on a global scale. 

Think that’s too big of a leap of the imagination? Imagine then getting out of bed today, New Year’s Day 2017, with a massive hangover, feeling like death warmed up, wanting to kill the bloody neighbour’s yapping dog. You snap at your other half for being late making breakfast/brunch. You snarl at your children for getting under your feet, for making so much noise playing. You stub your toe in the shower and curse the day. You curse 2017. 

Whatever you believe becomes real. The Universe hears your thoughts and aligns itself accordingly to suit you. YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. So now 2017 is going to be another annus horribilis for you, as you’re setting your own expectations, and The Universe is merely saying “Your wish is my command”.

And then you go out and spread your dis-ease to everyone who comes into contact with you. And pretty soon some gun-toting madman shows up a thousand miles away, or some dictator in a distant country decides to start a war or genocide, and it just goes downhill for everyone. And then we’ll all be wishing that 2017 was over already and could 2018 be THE Best Year, pretty please? 

We’ve all seen it happen in 2016. Let’s not repeat history, please.

2017 has just started. It’s a brand new year full of opportunities. It’s a blank slate upon which we’re to write our own personal future. Let’s welcome it in with open arms, open hearts and open minds. Let’s infuse 2017 with Love, Good Will, Hope, Kindness, Positivity. Let’s spread those juju vibes all around, do good deeds, speak kindly of others, help our fellow human beings, pay it forward again and again and again. 

Together, let’s make 2017 Our Best Year Yet. We CAN do this, folks! 

If you think this post of mine can help others, feel free to share away, make ripples on the pond! Let’s do this! 🖒

Here’s a FREEBIE to get you started! Take it, with my Love and Blessings! See, 2017 is already shaping up to be a GREAT YEAR! 

Practising Manifestation with Bottlecaps

When I first explained the Law of Attraction and the technique of Manifestation to my teenager, Jack, he was sceptical. As can be expected. 

I suggested to Jack that he test out the technique of Manifestation himself, if he was game to. He would try to manifest (aka find) 3 bottle caps on our next outing. He’s a fan of the Playstation game “Fallout 4”, in which bottlecaps are legal tender in an apocalyptic world. So, for Jack, the prospect of finding bottle caps appealed to him. 

We ventured down to the Rockingham foreshore, and almost immediately I found 2 bottlecaps on the ground. I suggested that Jack visualise finding bottlecaps, or “tune in” to the wavelength of bottlecaps. It seemed to work, for he started spying them lying in the sand here and there…and instead of just finding 3, Jack kept wanting to find more and more.

We ended up with 15 bottlecaps in the space of just 20 minutes. How we found the final 2 was quite surreal, yet fitting to this experiment. Jack wandered off to the right of the beach, I to the left. I glimpsed a bottlecap in the sand and pounced on it, just as Jack proclaimed that he’d found one. When we compared our finds, we discovered that they were both the same Corona brand. 

Oh, and we found a crab shell too, discarded by seagulls after their breakfast. And I also found a lovely, unusual blue marble, while Jack found 2 more common marbles to accompany my blue. 

I call it a Great Day! 😊

The Dude DOES Abide!!

OMG. Yesterday I cast doubt over whether The Universe aka “The Dude” was really manifesting my wish for money, when my ex transferred $200 into my bank account. It could have been a coincidence, right? So, I gave The Universe/Dude another 24 hours to make good its promise of money coming my way out of the blue.

Last night I conducted another Law of Attraction experiment concurrently. This one’s called “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle”, and is a 2-parter. In my case, it’s not a VW but Mazdas in Soul Red. In the first 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of these Soul Red Mazdas manifest themselves into my life. In the second 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of another subject of my choosing manifests itself into my life.

I’ve been practising manifesting Soul Red Mazdas for the last 2 weeks now, and they’re practically leaping out at me these days when I’m on the road. 

Choosing a 2nd subject to manifest however, has been slightly trickier. Last night I decided to manifest Green Traffic Lights on the road when I’m driving. I envisioned that All the traffic lights would be green, or turn green as my car approached them. 

But this morning I realised that the route I normally take to get to the dogs that I walk or petsit doesn’t include ANY traffic lights, just roundabouts and normal junctions.

So I switched my wish to that of manifesting Pink Orchids instead. 

I didn’t see any Pink Orchids at all today. I mentioned them to the ex, but I guess it went right over his head because just 5 minutes later he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. 

Well, I thought, The Universe still has 24 hours to manifest those Pink Orchids for me.

And I turned on the TV and this movie was just starting. It was called “Absolutely Anything“, and starred Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, with the late Robin Williams providing the voice of Dennis, the dog that belongs to Simon Pegg’s character, Neil. Basically, the premise of the movie is that Neil is trying to get his neighbour Catherine to fall in love with him. A bunch of aliens in outer space bestow upon him the power to make anything Neil wishes come true. If Neil uses his power for Good, the aliens would welcome Earth into their group. If Neil uses his power for Evil, the aliens would annihilate Earth.

It was funny enough…until it got to the part where Neil gets abducted by Grant, a wannabe boyfriend of Catherine (Kate Beckinsale’s character in the movie). Grant wants Neil to make a whole list of his wishes come true.

And here’s where it gets surreal…to me anyway…

On Grant’s list of wishes is this:


Cue Twilight Zone music ♫♪♫

See, The Dude DOES Abide. Count me in as a Believer, Universe! And THANK YOU!

On another note, my employer Wendy handed me a Christmas card this afternoon as we parted company after visiting a new client’s dogs and cats together…and inside the envelope was a prepaid Visa card for $50. So, turns out my first experiment has also worked. Money has again manifested itself, thank you, Universe!

The Dude rocks! 🖒🤘

(Image source: Pinterest)

The Dude Abides Principle

So right now I’m reading the book E2 (E-Squared) by Pam Grout, and trying out the 1st exercise in manifesting. I love Pam’s writing style, she’s witty, funny and so down-to-earth, yet practical. She makes everything sound so doable, and real. Don’t take my word on it, get the book for yourself!

In the 1st exercise, “The Dude Abides Principle”, the “Dude” refers to the Universe, God, Spirit, Mother Earth, the Force, whichever name you choose for the Creator. Personally, I like to call it The Universe. 

Anyway, this Principle states that:

“There is an Invisible Energy Force or Field of Infinite Possibilities”

and that you can actually make It reveal Itself to you, by way of manifesting something that you’ve asked for. The point of the exercise is to show that your thoughts create your reality, and that if you ask and believe that you will receive, and act like it’s already a done deal, then the Universe will have to deliver.

So, last night I made a wish to be blessed by The Universe, and asked it to show up by manifesting what I’ve asked for, without going into specifics, and giving it 48 hours to prove itself. 

I asked to be surprised by a monetary windfall. Secretly I’d love to win the “Set For Life” lottery, which pays out $20,000 a month for 20 years. But, as the experiment said NOT to get too specific, I just asked for some money to arrive unexpectedly, out of the blue.

And then I went to sleep.

This morning, I made pancakes for my son Jack and the ex. I’d found a pancake maker at a local thrift store, and today Jack and I had fun trying it out. The pancakes were yummy, soft and fluffy mmmm! Not bad for a $5 investment, when a brand new pancake maker at the shops was around $49 to buy!

Anyway, I digress. Over pancakes, the ex announced suddenly that he had transferred $200 into my account, to help with the Christmas shopping! A short while later, I checked my bank account and true enough, I was richer by $200!

OMG. Thank you, Universe!! The question I’m asking myself now is this – was my ex going to transfer money to me anyway, seeing as I’d told him I’d spent over $150 the day before, buying our Xmas food? Or was this The Universe responding to my wish from last night? Could it just be a coincidence that my ex should give me money the day after I wished for money to come my way?

I’ve checked Pam’s instructions, and it did say the manifestation has to be “a thumbs up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as a coincidence”.

And so, while I am eternally grateful for my sudden small windfall, it MIGHT be a coincidence…so I’m still calling The Universe’s bluff, and still giving it 48 hours to manifest the large sum of money that I’d wished for last night. 

Let’s see what The Dude comes up with.

Lightbox Inspiration Typography #2

Here’s another L I T graphic I made, that’s been submitted to my licensing agent.

Today is what you make it. 

If you wake up grumpy, snarl at everyone you meet, complain about everything and just decide to let your entire day be negative, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

If however, you check yourself as soon as you realise you’re in a bad mood, and do a complete turnaround and just decide to be Happy and have a Great Day, no matter what, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Law of Attraction Quotes

Just sharing with you some of my Pinterest curated quotes on how the Law of Attraction works. It’s working for me, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you too. Give it a try!