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On Creating Visuals – Part 3: AlienCelt

AlienCelt is the name of the inter-continental musical collaboration between ElectroCelt and our dear friend Lia Shapiro in the USA.  Lia is one of the few female electronic musicians I know, working under the name “AlienTribe”, and about a year ago she and Geoff decided to try out a collaboration across the oceans.  The name CelticAlien and AlienCelt were two contenders for collaborative name, and Lia decided on AlienCelt.

Using addLib S and addLib U, I have created some Visuals for AlienCelt. I have created quite a few of these, and only some have been presented to Lia and Geoff.  Some are still at draft stage, and I will add more processing to the images before I’m happy with the finished product.  However I am building up a portfolio of Visuals so that when the time comes for posters etc to be made up, I’ll be more than ready:

AlienCelt bright

AlienCelt circles first draft AlienCelt purpleAlienCelt dark blue

On Creating Visuals – Part 2: ElectroCelt

Well, blogs are supposed to provide bite-sized morsels of information, and I know you’re all busy people, so I’ve split my “On Creating Visuals” into 3 Parts, each concentrating on one artist.  Part 1 was about my own label.  Here is Part 2 about ElectroCelt.

The Visuals were done using a variety of Android Apps, which were then input into the random generator mode of the iOS App addLib S and/or addLib U.  And then tweaked further using various Apps to finish off the final image.  Some of the images I have done will be made available as t-shirts on my Zazzle page http://www.zazzle.com/alyzenmoonshadow.

Visuals for ElectroCelt created by AlyZen Moonshadow Mobile Photography Art & Design:

ElectroCelt Blue BarsElectroCelt phonedialElectroCelt green dots

On Creating Visuals – Part 1: AlyZen Moonshadow

Recently I’ve become enamoured of Swiss-style graphic design, in the quest to create posters for ElectroCelt and for myself.  Yes, I’m afraid when it comes to being creative, I have too much time on my hands. I’ve also created what I call “visuals” for the musical collaboration between ElectroCelt and our dear friend in America, Lia Shapiro “ALiEnTriBe” (hope I spelled that right, Lia!).

Here are some samples of the “visuals” that I created, using the amazing iOS Apps addLib S and addLib U.  First came addLib S; I stumbled across addLib U by accident only 2 months ago, when searching for similar or related Apps on my iPad. I will review addLib S and U in a later post.  As a “crossover” artist, I utilise both iOS and Android Apps, and I use my iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4.  All transfers between iOS and Android happen via the universal App “Transfer”, such a boon and so easy to use too!  An added plus is that not only can I transfer images easily between my iPad and mobile phone, I can do transfers to and from my Mac too.  Check it out here http://phototransferapp.com.  And it’s FREE!

Visuals for my own photographic art & design label:

AlyZen Moonshadow swirls

AlyZen Moonshadow simple

AlyZen Moonshadow dots