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I’ve blogged every day for the nearly 4 years now, give or take a few glitches and accidental deletions. To date I’ve written around 1245 posts, and used countless of my own photos or photos curated from the Internet and Pinterest. There’s 8.1 GB of data on my WordPress account.

It’s time for my yearly WordPress Premium subscription to be renewed. It isn’t cheap, at AU $129 per year, but for the last few years I’ve managed somehow. 

Until now. I figured, all that data is just sitting there doing nothing. I’m basically paying for data storage. I’d like to print excerpts or the entirety of my blog into book form, as my memoirs for my son Jack to read when he’s older. 

So, after an online chat with a very savvy tech named Alvaro from WordPress, I’m downgrading my WordPress subscription from Premium to Personal ($53 per year). I’ll still get all the benefits of a Premium account, only I won’t get as much data storage, only 6 GB. Which is okay, as once I’ve migrated my older posts off to an archive for converting into a book, I’ll free up space so I can write again. 

And if I keep archiving my posts every year, I’ll have a nice Memoir out of them at the end of every year.

So, this is me saying “Au Revoir” for a while, taking a sabbatical, a hiatus from blogging. Don’t worry, it’s only while I springclean my blog and free up more space. 

I’ll be researching the best platform for converting my blog posts into book format. There are quite a few out there, and I’m sure I’ll find one that fits exactly what I’m looking for.

So don’t worry, folks. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator films,”I’ll be back”. Sooner than you think! šŸ˜‰

Why I Write

When I first began this blog, it was hard thinking up subjects to write about. Some days I’d have many ideas, which I’d jot down and save as drafts. And then there were those other days when absolutely nothing came into my head. And there were also those days when I was busy at work and too tired to contemplate writing anything at all.

Over 2 years ago I challenged myself to write in my blog Every Single Day, come rain or shine, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health 😄. I threw down the gauntlet and challenged myself to write something, anything at all, every single day, for at least 2 years. After all, writing is a discipline, and the brain is a muscle that needs exercise.

And I’ve managed to do that, just about. I’ve learnt to hone my observation skills, pick up on trends, watch for subtle clues in what people say or do, find common threads, comment on current affairs, delve into the creative arts. Having a variety of hobbies helps too.

Whatever I write, is always the Truth. Or at least what I believe to be the Truth, based on facts and research. I never lie about my personal experiences. I don’t fabricate or make up stories out of thin air. No matter how incredible some of my personal stories may sound, they are NEVER fiction or fantasy. Hey, I can’t help it if my circus is full of clowns and monkeys! šŸ˜‰

Some of my subscribers follow my writing because they find my poems and prose funny. Or perhaps they agree with my Life Philosophy. Or perhaps they just want some food for thought. Then there are those who follow the old adage “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”…the ones who read my blog out of morbid curiosity, and wonder if I’m writing about THEM. Am I? I may write the most scathing things about certain people, but it’s always the Truth and perhaps that’s what winds them up so much when they read my posts. Because I refrain from naming names. But They know who they are. Hey, news flash. It’s MY blog, and I can write whatever I like. There’s no nudity, porn or obscenities involved, I just write what I know, and what I’ve gone through in my own life. If you want me to write you a glowing report, well then you should’ve treated me with a modicum of respect first. Karma, right ;).

And if you don’t like what I write, well, darling, why are you even reading this? Eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves, hey?! 😄

My own experience of Social Media has shown that if I write about contentious world issues, controversies, conspiracies or politics, most people just gloss over it, or don’t even bother to read my post. If I write about personal issues, I’m more likely to touch a few hearts (or nerves, depending on who you are), and get more of a reaction. And if I posted up pictures of cute animals or breathtaking places, curated from Google Images or Pinterest, those are the posts that most readers like.

You should know by now that I don’t write for popularity or for fans…I write simply for myself.

Have a nice day ;)!


A Nice Warm Fuzzy Feeling Inside

I understand that my blog, writing style, eclecticism, range of topics, warped sense of humour and frequency of blogging may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some bloggers seem able to gain hundreds of thousands of followers within weeks of launching their blog. Some get famous overnight.

Not me. I have, at the time of writing this, 111 hard won followers. And I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for following me on my crazy adventures. I hope you will stay and please tell your friends about me, so that they visit me here too and stay for my Madhatter’s Teaparty that goes on every day, unless I’m too ill or too lazy or have gone into a dead zone where there is no Internet reception.

This year, I set myself the target of blogging each and every day. And, apart from a couple of days missed, when I was time travelling with Doctor Who playing with different time zones, I’ve managed to keep my promise to myself. I have found that, with my Blogger’s hat on, I am more receptive to triggers that stir my imagination and make me want to write. I am more observant of the little things in life, and can get excited at the sight of a new store in town, the shape of a teacup’s handle, new technology I see online, a chance remark or quote. And so I shall continue to blog, regardless of whether I have 111 followers, or 111111.

Today I received an email that gave me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I have in the past written about artists that inspire me in one way or another, only I don’t usually get a response from them after I’ve published my post about them. Kathe Fraga is one such artist who expressed her appreciation for my shout out by sending me 2 packs of her gorgeous artwork as greeting cards. Thank you, Kathe! I was on Cloud 9 for weeks after her generous gesture.

Here is the link to my post about Kathe.

But back to today’s email. It came from Yuko Ishii, another artist I had written about not too long ago. Here is Yuko’s email to me:

Name: Yuko Ishii
Email: yuko@yukoishii.com
Website: http://yukoishii.com
Comment: Hi Aly,

I googled my name this morning and came across your page that talks about my work. I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad to hear my work inspires you! I am also very grateful that you took the time to write about my work and share it with your readers on here. I truly appreciate you, Aly. Thank you so much!

By the way, I just started two blogs (blogger and tumblr) last month:

and also, an online store:

If you are interested in viewing some of my new work, please visit these websites.



Awww, it’s sooo nice to get positive feedback from someone that inspires you!

Here is the link to my post about Yuko Ishii, in case you missed it last time:


You know, when I said I could be inspired to write about anything and everything at the drop of a hat…oops, I did it again ;-)!

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