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Leaves : Autumn & Winter

Here in Western Australia it never gets cold enough to snow. Well, we Might get frost and hail, but very, very rarely do we get any real snow. I think it might have snowed somewhere in Western Australia a couple of years ago…but maybe it was just heavy frost, or a smattering of real snow. Certainly not enough to be making snowmen or having snowfights. 

Anyway, I sometimes wish the winters here would be cold enough for it to really snow. That would be so magical. But instead, all we get are maybe some cold temperatures under Zero degrees at night, followed by days in the mid-teens. Never so cold that you need to wrap up in 3 or 4 layers. You don’t even need to wear gloves. Thermal underwear, what’s that? Just throw on a scarf and off we go!

I found these lovely photos of autumnal and winter leaves on Pinterest. Just sharing them with you here. Readers in the Northern Hemisphere are probably rejoicing to see the back end of Winter now, but here in the Land Down Under we’re meant to be at the start of Autumn. 

Hah! Tell that to the weather, which still insists on giving us daily temperatures in the 30s. Hot, muggy days without a breeze…NOT my favourite thing really. 

But, back to these leaves. So cool.

Colours Make Me Happy

Just sharing some of my favourite photos, curated from Pinterest. I appear to have come down with the dreaded ‘flu. 😢

But hey, I made a commitment and promise to myself nearly 4 years ago, that I would write something every day, and I’ve more or less managed to do that bar a couple of mishaps and accidental deletions. 

So here’s today’s offering to you all…a variety of colourful, vibrant scarves. Because Colours Make Me Happy. Colours uplift my spirits, make me feel cheerful and inspire me to go create my own splash of psychedelic combinations. I have some rather sweet pillowcases that I mean to turn into cute patchwork scarves, I might just start doing that.

Or..maybe wait til I feel a bit better.

Enjoy today’s Pinterest curated offerings!

Yeah, and scarves make me happy too 😄!