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You Are Enough

I’m a big fan of Daniell Koepke. I haven’t been able to glean much about her from the Internet, apart from the fact that she says the most inspiring, positive and life-affirming things. And I just love how she expresses those thoughts.

I’ve been collecting everything I see on Pinterest that relates to Daniell. Aside from her public blog writings, Daniell appears to be a very private person. She’s the founder of the Internal Acceptance Movement (I.A.M), an online space that “aims to foster self-acceptance, empowerment, mental wellness and healing”. Here is her blog, where you can read more about her Life Philosophy and what she hopes to achieve. It’s hard to believe that Daniell Koepke is a student of psychology, and so young, when she seems so much wiser than her years. 

I for one am very thankful that there are people like Daniell Koepke in this world. They truly are luminaries. 

Today’s Inspirational Thought is by Daniell, and it speaks to me personally. On the one hand, there are people I’ve known my entire life, who have chosen to cast me into their “not good enough” and “not worth bothering about” piles. On the other hand, there are people who I’ve only known a short while, friends old and new, who appreciate and accept me for who I am. 

On the one hand, I’ve had to battle my way, psychologically, with some people; just trying to get my point across and get the help I need. Everything is hunky dory until your circumstances change, then suddenly you find doors slammed in your face, and you’re told that what you’re asking for is “too much”. 

On the other hand, some people just seem to get me right from the start. They understand what I’m going through, and they are here for me no matter what. The wheat magically sorts itself out from the chaff. 

So, to the people in my life who have always shown me kindness and love and compassion, and never made their friendship or connection dependant on my serving some purpose that satisfies their own personal needs, I say “Thank You”, from the bottom of my heart. 

I don’t have many friends, but the ones that I still have, despite all my trials and tribulations, are my True Friends. These are my Real Family. These are My People. Thank You ❤.