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So, here we are on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. And once again, I have pressies for you all, in the form of more FREE giveaways.

As my format is digital, so must my offerings be. Here are some KEEP CALM posters that I created using a Keep Calm app and also InstaQuote on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

My 11-year-old son and I are fans of anything Zombie-related, hence a couple of the posters are to do with Zombies. We are also fans of Doctor Who (David Tennant is My Doctor, though Peter Capaldi sends electric shivers down my spine, and his Doctor hasn’t even hit the screens yet!). Fellow Whovians will enjoy my Doctor Who Keep Calm poster.

Feel free to copy, paste and share with your friends! Have a great day!






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Tenori-On song “Rose” by AlyZen Moonshadow

This is quite an old song I composed back in 2010, which I played at an ElectroCelt gig in Dublin in June 2010.  It was recorded live, however alas we’ve never received a copy of the recording from the friend who captured everything on tape.  So I’ve decided to record it myself on Garageband and load it to my Soundcloud account instead.

I was inspired by the character Rose, from Doctor Who.  Rose is played by Billie Piper alongside David Tennant’s 10th Doctor.  In my eyes, David Tennant is and will always be MY Doctor Who.  Rose was the perfect foil for the Doctor, and theirs is the most heart-wrenching love story ever.  I’m so glad Doctor Donna (Catherine Tate), another favourite character, created the Human Doctor who in the end was reunited with Rose in the alternate world.  A beautiful twist indeed.


All sounds were programmed solely on the Yamaha Tenori-On, no post-editing on DAWs or EQ-ing or computer manipulation.  This might sound constrained to seasoned electronic musicians who have a large arsenal of synths or DAWs at their disposal, but I actually relish the restrictions.  I hope you enjoy listening to this track and will follow me on Soundcloud, as there will be more tracks loaded soon!