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Leaves : Spring & Summer

I’m in love with the green of leaves. Right now, it’s the end of Summer in Australia (yup, this is one weird country compared with the rest of the world). It’s hard to tell which leaves on which trees will turn golden then brown and fall to the ground, and which will stay green all year round. I’m no garden expert, and some trees that I swear are olive trees are perhaps some indigenous Australian gum instead. 

But I’ve fallen in love with big, green, leafy plants, especially the ones with leaves that are almost sculptural in their beauty. Green is a very refreshing and calming colour, and if you prefer not to have it on your walls, perhaps consider a houseplant to give your home a dash of this amazing colour.

So, once again courtesy of Pinterest, here are my favourite greens for Spring and Summer. (Seriously, folks, if you’re not already a fan of Pinterest and spend hours trawling through it, pinning this and that to your dozens of Boards, it’s time to get with the programme).

Now Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Yesterday I got sidetracked from my original intention of sharing with you Pinterest curated images of a houseplant I’d love to get – the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. But instead I got to talking about an App Game called “Design Home“. 

So here I am today, with those promised images of said tree. I just love the large leaves and how the tree has such a pleasing shape and can be grown indoors in a pot. Its green is also very beautiful. I simply Must find space in my house for one!

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Lagenlook : Green

I could so rock some of these outfits. Others are slightly too daring for me. Some of these have me itching to get my sewing machine going on some linen. 

Wait a minute, what linen? Every time I visit my local Spotlight store, I always forget to check something out. I’ve been to Spotlight for so many different things – collage papers, stamps, a root through the fabric remnants box, fabric, sewing equipment, handbag hardware, a root through the fabric remnants box, Mod Podge, textile paints, papier mache boxes, needle felting equipment, webbing, a root through the fabric remnants box, scented candles, bedlinen, curtains, kitchenware, etc, etc, etc. Every single time I go there I tell myself to look out for natural linen fabric for dressmaking. And every single time I forget. 

Ah well, I expect when the time is perfect I’ll remember about checking out some dressmaking linen fabrics. And then maybe I can really sew up some of these beauties myself…that’s the dream, anyhow.

(The following images have been curated from Pinterest. I encourage you to check out my Pinterest board “Tunics & Lagenlook”, because many of these items are actually available to buy, from their respective makers).

Enjoy the Lagenlook Greens!