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My Valentine

To those feeling lonely because you haven’t got a Valentine date, I say: Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Love yourself first and foremost, and if you love your own company, you will never feel lonely or alone. You don’t need some consumerist faux celebration to appreciate your own company or revel in your own awesomeness. 



I bought this white painted rattan heart decoration at a local thrift store for $3.

I found these skeins of feathered pom-pom yarn while clearing out my junk room. I remember buying them cheap, about $1 each, from a discount variety shop many years ago. I love the bright colours and the combination of different textures.

So, with Valentine’s nearly here and no beau in sight, what’s a girl to do but weave and wind some colourful yarn around the rattan heart and make her own heartfelt present to herself.

I started out weaving the yard through the gaps in the rattan, using a dowel. Then I realised I didn’t really need to do this at all. I could just wind the yarn around the heart, covering up all the white.So much easier! And at the end, I just had to use the dowel to push the end of the yard through one of the gaps, to bury it and secure it.

Et voila! I tied the ribbon back and now it’s hanging from a drawer in my bedroom. 

A soft, fluffy, vibrantly coloured heart ornament, perfect for Valentine’s Day. ❤