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Odd, Wobbly Ceramics

I love these ceramic plates, bowls, spoons etc made the good old-fashioned way by artists, and not by machine. There’s been no effort to make each piece exactly the same as the next. No two pieces are alike, no two even stand or sit exactly evenly. You can clearly see all their bumps, wobbly bits and other imperfections. In fact, you could say they wear them with great pride.

That’s exactly how they’re unique, each and every one of them. Just like us human beings. WE are all unique in our own way, with all our imperfections, faults and blemishes. Our differences, be they cultural, racial, mental or physical, need to be celebrated, not treated with suspicion or ostracised or cast aside. 

Each one of us has our role to play, in our own way. We are not what we do for a living. Don’t think of our disabled brothers and sisters as dis-abled, but rather en-abled for achieving what they are achieving. Don’t look down on the elderly and infirm – they were once our leaders and movers and shakers. And we will be like them too, when age catches up with us all. So, be kind.

Everyone is different in their own way. Don’t let Society tell you that you have to conform to one way of thinking or one way of being. Being a sheep and part of a flock is the safe option, to be sure…but once you’ve woken up, it’s hard to go back to sheep.

Here, enjoy these beautiful, unique, wonky, imperfect ceramics (courtesy of Pinterest):


There’s no two ways about it. We live in a screwed up world. Our priorities are back to front, upside down and inside out.

We work to live, not live to work. We work hard, so we can pay off our mountains of debt and perhaps feed our family, and so our employer can bring His family for that long holiday abroad. Life isn’t about living, it’s about making a living.

Human beings are the only living creatures that have to “earn” a living. No other animal has to deal with waking up, commuting to work, paying bills, and worrying about their pension. Ever thought maybe We’re doing it wrong??

Money is God, not just a system of exchange. It is the yardstick by which Society pigeonholes people. If you have lots of money, you’re successful, and you have tonnes of “friends”, and people flock to see you or hear you speak. Even if you’re talking poppycock out your arse. If you bottled your farts, your fans would fall over themselves in the rush to buy it. However, if you have no money, no one wants to know your name. People avert their gaze when they carefully skirt around your spot on the pavement. Some even tell you to shove off, or get a security guard or policeman to remove you.

Celebrity births, marriages and deaths are considered “News”. Everyone wants a piece of that person when they’re dead, yet when they’re alive we never hear anyone singing their praises as highly. People love the ability to lay claim to another person’s fame vicariously. Don’t know that word? Look it up.

We believe what the elite tell the Media to disseminate to us. Regardless of whether it’s true. If you read it on Facebook, it must be true. Ditto if you read that someone read or saw it on Good Morning America, then posted about it on Facebook, then it must be true. Ergo, Everything you see on Facebook is true.

Now, for some local news from the homefront.

Great big bushfires burning out of control down south of Perth, Western Australia. 128 homes and an entire town, Yarloop, gone. Not to mention wildlife, livestock, treasured possessions and pets. People rallying round with donations and offers of food and temporary housing. Good job! Some bloke even donated his car and persuaded over a dozen others to follow his example. Great examples of humanity. The victims of the fires face months, if not years, of recovery to get their lives back together, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile, back in Perth. Young beauty pageant contestant has her handbag stolen. Inside are her iPhone, car keys, parking ticket and wallet. The thief traces her car via the parking ticket, and steals the car as well. Beautiful buxom lassie is naturally distraught. 2 businessmen gallantly jump to her assistance. One runs a car dealership, and lets her have use of one of his cars “for as long as she needs it”. The other, a businessman, buys our distressed damsel a brand new iPhone 6.

I wonder if these 2 gallant knights in expensive armour have donated anything to the poor victims of the bushfires, only 200km away? Did the car dealer donate a truckload of cars for the victims to use “for as long as they need them”? Did the businessman donate money, clothing, food, or, god forbid, a bunch of iPhone 6s to those victims?

What do you think? Priorities, what priorities? Society, and the way it prances and postures, makes me sad. There was a time when people were more human, more caring and less self-centred or selfish. I miss those days.

Christmas Future

Forget the presents. Forget the partying. Forget the holidays. Forget the rushing around buying things that people don’t really need. Forget pretending to be nice to your office co-worker because they happen to be your “Secret Santa” this year.

That’s how many of us celebrate Christmas. It’s not called the “Silly Season” for no reason. There are still people who hold fast to the true spirit of Christmas and what it symbolises. I respect their beliefs and traditions, just as I respect other religions and faiths. But, for every 1 who is a true believer of Christ, there are 5 who observe Christmas as just another excuse to practice wanton excess and waste. No, that doesn’t sound right. Make it 10 who celebrate Christmas as yet another Retail Capitalist’s Dream.

The Urge To Splurge seems to be a backward-creeping contagion. By this I mean that in many Western countries with each passing year, for any major celebration that garners consumer interest, i.e Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc, the food, decorations and gift ideas seem to appear on the shelves earlier and earlier.

For example, at my local shopping mall, hardly has Easter gone that Halloween items begin to appear. There always seems to be a rush with Halloween, as retailers need to move stuff off their shelves fast, in order to make way for Chistmas items. In November, mind you.

Christmas, for some, is just a long 7 day blur of partying and boozing. Again, not quite in the spirit of things. Spirits, yes, to be sure. Just not the right kind. And then suddenly on the 2nd of January, in a brand spanking New Year, everything not sold from Christmas is half-price or even less. Wandering along the aisles picking up cheap Christmas pudding and cake for storing in the pantry, what does one spy in the bakery section?

Hot cross buns. And in the confectionery aisle…chocolate Easter Bunnies.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

(Bah, humbug??) šŸ˜„

Here’s how I propose we all spread our Christmas cheer. In fact, why leave it at just Christmas? Why not make the following your everyday, anytime of the year philosophy?

1. Be kind to others. It costs nothing and can mean everything to someone. You can always be kind, even to your enemies.

2. Be generous. If you can’t be generous with your money, be generous with your time. Your time means more to others than any material gifts you could ever buy.

3. Be inclusive. Have a thought for the less fortunate, and try to understand what they must be going through. If you can’t understand, then emphatise. Embrace your differences, don’t deny or try to suppress or oppress them.

4. If you can help in any way, do so. If you can share a skill, do so. If you can lend a hand, do so. If you can sponsor a cause or a person or animal, do so.

5. Volunteer at human and animal shelters, soup kitchens, charity and thrift stores. You will meet the most wonderful and kindhearted people there.

The Golden Rule of all this is:

Do not go into this expecting anything in return, as that goes against the whole principle of the idea. Expecting to be rewarded is a fault of the Ego, and nothing good will come of it. Be aware that you WILL be rewarded richly in many other ways, ways you may not have even considered.


Food For Thought (Literally)

Just a thought about the current refugee crisis in the world. And also  some hometruths about world economics. Oh, go on, then, throw in some anti-capitalism and a healthy dose of communism as well, why not? Just to try and connect some dots, to try and show you the bigger picture.

So, many European countries are now closing their borders to the hordes of Syrian refugees, after opening those borders just a wee bit a short while ago. Why? Because they claim not to be able to cope with the influx of people. Why not? Because they can’t afford to feed and clothe these people and provide shelter for them. And why can’t they afford to do these things?


Now, consider this possibility for just one minute. If Money was removed completely from the equation, and absolutely everything was free and available for anyone and everyone, don’t you think the refugees would have been received with welcoming arms instead of having the door shut in their faces?

Because, with Money no longer being a factor, don’t you think most Europeans would gladly lend a hand to their fellow brothers and sisters in need? Without any financial bills to worry about whatsoever, where food is free, resources are free, transport, medical facilities, education, EVERYTHING is ABSOLUTELY FREE…don’t you think Humanity would have a good chance of stepping up to the plate and batting a home run?

Economics aside, some countries are claiming that they lack the resources to house, feed and clothe these refugees. Hello??? I know for a fact that in Ireland there are a great number of ENTIRE housing estates lying vacant, due to the recession. I’ve been to some of them. No one has bought these properties as they’d end up in negative equity…so why not give them over to the homeless, the needy, the refugees?


Greedy property developers, who still want to make a profit from their failed plans, who still want to recoup their initial investment money. Who would rather bulldoze and demolish these estates than give them over to those who need it most.

Now, everyone knows supermarkets throw out a good deal of produce that’s close to their sell-by or use-by dates. And fruit and vegetables that are not as glossy or fresh-looking as EU regulations require. That cucumber being chucked in the bin? Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it…just that it’s too curved to meet regulations. That banana? Too straight. Off to the bin they go. Why not donate all these to goodwill and charity? Why not give them to the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the refugees?


EU regulations my foot. It’s the conglomerates that control the production and sale of food that tell supermarkets that they have to throw out goods after a certain time on the shelves. Use-by and sell-by dates are not accurate indicators of freshness. They’re more like statistical indicators, for manufacturers and suppliers to produce and ship more stuff. To keep the giant ferris wheel of capitalism going.

Also, in many countries, there are rules and regulations, both on a small local scale, as well as on a more global scale, that prescribe circumstances when excess or outdated goods may or may not be given away to people. Put simply, in some McDonald’s fast food franchises, employees are expressly forbidden to give away their staff lunches to homeless people sitting outside on the street. Customers are sometimes even told off for buying food for those homeless. Overall, the mentality is to make the homeless invisible as well as just homeless.

There IS more than enough food to feed the entire population on Earth. There is no need at all for anyone to due of starvation. Why are Africans still starving? It’s Not because they have no food or water. It’s because the top 1% of the world’s population, the tip of the human pyramid, the elite, the Illuminati, the “powers that be” control exactly where, when, how, who, why and what gets sent from one place to another. Africans are starving because they can’t get access to what they need, because it’s simply not filtering through to them quickly enough, and in sufficient amounts. Why?


The “powers that be” believe in profits over people. It gains them more to move food to the dumps than to Africa, so that’s how it is. Substitute “Africa” with “Syrian refugees” or “The Homeless”, “The Dispossessed”, and there you have it. The Elite don’t care if people die. Especially people at the bottom of the pyramid, who are a dime a dozen anyway, who are expandable. Profits over people, remember.

What a crying shame!

What are You going to do about it?

Supermarket produce going to waste at a landfill site.

A family demonstrates just how much supermarket food goes to waste.

(There is Some light on the horizon now, thankfully!)

Before You Cast The First Stone…


Just putting this out there, as food for thought. These days, there seems to be so much hatred going on, so much fear of the unknown and of change, so much racism and xenophobia. Why? When it’s all preventable and totally unneccessary.

Take a good, long, hard look at yourself first. Are you loving your neighbour as you love yourself? No? Then perhaps it’s not because of anything your neighbour is or isn’t, represents or doesn’t represent. Perhaps it’s because YOU don’t love yourself.

So, when the World is called upon to help its fellow human beings, or to embrace our many differences instead of challenging them, what do we think?

– that we don’t have enough ourselves, so why should we help strangers?
– that these refugees are threats to our own safety and way of life?
– that each race should stick to their own and help their own kind?
– that those events are happening far away from me, so I don’t have to worry about it?
– that if it doesn’t affect me directly, I can choose to simply ignore it?

This boils down to 2 main components – Money and the Ego. Why do people believe that anything is possible, if only they had more money? Why does Money always have to be a major factor in how we treat our fellow human beings? Why do we measure our intentions and actions against the yardstick of our bank accounts, and not against the yardstick of our Humanity?

And why, when we know that our actions are wrong and may have hurt others, do we insist on defending ourselves? It’s our Ego talking, when we refuse to apologise or acknowledge our mistake. Do you realise just how ridiculous it is, to blindly defend your Ego, when it’s become clear to others that you were wrong?

2 recent examples spring to mind. That of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County clerk who refused to give a homosexual couple a marriage license, even though same-sex marriages are legal in the state. She maintains it goes against her religious faith and belief in “traditional” marriages. Go on, Kim, cast that first stone. You who have been married and divorced several times, you who have had not 1, 2 or even 3, but 4 husbands. Pot calling kettle black? Plus, as a Public Servant, she is obliged to follow the law of the land, not of her faith.

The other example is of the 14-year old Muslim boy, Ahmed Mohamed, who innocently created a clock as a school project. Whose teacher and Principal got trigger happy and promptly called the cops, who arrested the poor boy, on the suspicion that he had brought a ticking time bomb to school, literally. Would this sorry incident have happened if, say, it had been an Oriental teenager who made the clock? Or even a Caucasian, Christian teenager? Or, would they simply have been lauded as geniuses and given medals for Scientific achievement? Just because Ahmed Mohamed is a Muslim, doesn’t automatically make him a terrorist.

Sadly though, these events are not far and few between. They are happening more and more, on a daily basis. People are getting more and more paranoid, xenophobic, homophobic…anything that’s remotely different or upsets the status quo is now seen as a threat to be annihilated. It’s happening on a small scale, and it’s happening on a large scale.

It’s happening everywhere. So, don’t think that you’re safe or far away from it. Yes, these events DO affect you, everything that happens around the world DOES affect you, sooner or later. So, please, take a good look at yourself, before you cast that first stone.

Unless we learn to love ourselves, and each other, and put aside our petty differences, this world is screwed. Wake up, people!

Can We Pay The Price To Free Humanity?

Recent events in the News have led me to make this observation:

Generally, people do care about other people, but they are more concerned about Money first, and how they are to survive, before thinking about helping their fellow human beings.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Man invented Money, now we are indentured slaves to it. But if Man invented it, then surely Man can get rid of it too. If we want to, that is.

There’s the crux. DO we want to get rid of Money? Or, are we involved so deeply with it, to the point of loving it, that we are unwilling to seek our freedom from it? That we seriously believe that without Money, civilisation will collapse? That without Money, anarchy and chaos will rule?

Are we so unable or reluctant to even contemplate that perhaps NOW is the time to light the fuse to detonate the whole concept of Money, and begin again as free Human Beings, instead?

What if I told you that all our governments had collectively agreed to a moratorium and amnesty on EVERYTHING to do with Money, until the Refugee Crisis is resolved? That there would be no bills to pay, all debts would be wiped clean, everything would be absolutely FREE, and Money would cease to have any exchange value? Would you be more willing to welcome your fellow human beings in need then? Would you open your arms wider, help more, share more?

Would you let your Humanity out of the closet, where it has been hiding?

My Facebook feed is currently raging with a thousand differing opinions about how we should handle the Syrian Refugee crisis. I’ve paraphrased a few of those comments here (the more polite ones):

“Why should we take these foreigners into our country, when we can’t even afford to feed our own homeless?”

“They’ll take our jobs, drain our Social Security.”

“We should help our own first, before helping total strangers.”

“Who’s to say these refugees are not covert terrorists sent to infiltrate our country from within, like a Trojan Horse?”

“Once they get into our country, they’ll use up all our resources, and sponge off Society. Why give them social security benefits that are denied to our own?”

“They’re not real refugees, they’re Economic Refugees. And now, by letting them in, they’re going to threaten our jobs.”

“I want to help them, of course, but how am I to afford the money needed to feed, clothe and house them?”

“Put them into camps, and keep them there! We don’t need them in our streets.”

Are you seeing the same type of reactions on your social media platforms?

I believe these sentiments are expressed out of a sense of Fear. Fear of Change. Fear of the Unknown. Fear of moving out of your Comfort Zone. You’ve lost your Blanky, boo hoo.

Well, guess what? Change is happening, regardless, and it is happening Now. The current Refugee Crisis in Syria and adjoining countries is shaping up to be the biggest mass migration of people since the great Irish Potato Famine emigration, and the Jewish settlement of Israel. This, folks, is a MAJOR CHANGE in the demographics of the world’s population. This is HISTORY in the making.

And yet there are those who cower beneath their duvet covers. Or, perhaps, they think, if they pull the covers completely over themselves, the Change will pass them by, and they will be immune, unaffected, unchanged by it?

Hey, listen up, folks. It’s not a Zombie outbreak, like in The Walking Dead. This is real life, happening near you right now. Maybe in 10 years’ time when they make it into a film, it will come to a theatre near you. But right now, it’s HERE.

So, don’t be afraid. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have enough Money stop you from being charitable in other ways. Mother Teresa had no money, yet look at what she achieved. If she could do it, so can You.

In case you need further prompting, take a look at these quotes that I’ve curated from Google:

















What has happened to Humanity?

By now, many of us would have seen the photos of those poor drowned Syrian children washed up on shore. I won’t post those pics here, as they are highly upsetting for everyone. But if you’re wondering what today’s topic is about, here is the link to a site that does contain those images. Please be warned that they are highly graphic and very sad.

What I want to share today is this piece of my personal history:

When the Vietnamese boat people arrived on the shores of the East Coast of Malaysia in the 1970s, many Malaysian families helped them to shore and took them into their homes and gave them food and shelter. They didn’t think of making money out of the refugees, or about what they could get out of it from the government. They did it simply out of pity and compassion for fellow human beings. My own family provided food and lodging for several Vietnamese families. I remember as a child of 8, standing on the beach in Trengganu watching the refugee boats coming to shore, and my Dad wading out with other adult Malaysians, to help the Vietnamese.

Why can’t humans do likewise in this day and age? Why does it have to be about “Oh, if we let too many X in, they’ll drain our Social Security system/sponge off Society/take our local jobs/increase the crime rate/grow up to become terrorists/etc”. For far too long we have been insulated from the brutal truth, for far too long we have been fed mis-information by the media and our governments, for far too long we have been complacent and apathetic.

We have had the truth conveniently swept under the carpet, and in its place, we are constantly bombarded with celebrity news, sports, scandals, advertisements, consumerism, materialism, greed for power and stuff.

What has happened to our humanity? It’s time to stand up and start a Revolution.

Nothing will ever change in this world if we don’t. We need to start with ourselves, wake ourselves up and then our neighbours, friends and relatives. Russell Brand said he wants to start a social revolution. And why not? Is this latest atrocity not the clarion call that the world has been waiting for? The straw that breaks the camel’s back?

What are we still waiting for?

(Image source: Google Images)

Furry Friends Daily Five #1

You only have to Google “Animal Friends” to see the plethora of inter-species animal friendships from all around the world. I’m not making this up, neither am I boosting or bolstering the fact that ANIMALS GET ON BETTER WITH EACH OTHER THAN HUMAN BEINGS.

Sure, as a “superior” race, human beings have language and technology and are able to communicate with each other easily. The sad thing is, despite this advantage we have over animals, we’re no good at communicating with our fellow human beings. Terrible, in fact. I guess when we give our Ego free rein, no amount of language or technology will ever bring us Peace.

Animals have no concept of Ego. What you see is what you get. Animals don’t fret about getting to work on time, pleasing the boss, buying stuff, performance reviews, promotions, deadlines, paying the bills, buying more stuff, holidays, exams, celebrations, what to eat tomorrow, buying even more stuff etc etc etc. Animals don’t believe in capitalism, consumerism, communism, terrorism or indeed any “ism” at all. They only have one language, and that is Love.

Animals just exist. And they do that very well indeed, until humans come along and make a royal mess of things, like the cruel bullies we are. The Bible teaches that Man is the guardian over all living creatures, and his job is to look after them and take care of their needs. Well, if that is so, God must be smiting His forehead and rolling His eyes right now, because we sure as hell have screwed up big time!

Take a look at today’s 5 animal friends, (curated from Google Images). And ponder just for a minute, marvel at the miraculousness of these unlikely friendships, wonder at how these animals ever met and fell in love with each other…and ask yourself, WHY CAN’T HUMANS ACCEPT AND LOVE EACH OTHER THE SAME WAY AS ANIMALS. We are, after all, the same species, with common DNA running through our veins. So why are we always at war with each other? Why the violence and hate? Why the killing, raping, pillaging, shooting, blowing up, destroying etc?? Why is the human species so violent?






Chance Encounters

I happened to be on the train into Perth CBD the other day, and was sitting behind an African lady. Across from her, on the other side of the carriage, was another African lady. The two of them were having a grand old time engaged in deep conversation across the 5 Ā feet or so of space. For a minute I wondered why these two obviously very good friends were sitting on opposite sides of the carriage, in different seats, and chattering across the aisle, rather thenĀ sharing the same seat. As I eavesdropped on their conversation, IĀ came to understand the situation better.

The 2 ladies were not close friends. In fact, they were complete strangers who happened to be on the same train at the same time. Which one had approached the other first, and for what reason, was not important. The important thing was that, at some point on their journey, one of them said “Hello” to the other, and the other responded in a friendly manner. And then they began a conversation, and, because they shared much in common, despite one being from Liberia and the other from Cameroon, there was much to talk about. I couldn’t help but notice how their faces lit up when one sparked off a common thread in the other, it was joyful to see.

As the train approached a station, the African lady in front of me got up to go. The other one whipped out her mobile phone and said “We should exchange telephone numbers so we can chat some more”. By now the train had reached the station and the doors had opened. The other lady rummaged frantically in her handbag for her mobile phone. I knew that she wasn’t going to have the time to find her phone, exchange numbers with her new friend, say good bye and get off the train. So, I tapped her on her shoulder.

I said, “I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on your conversation earlier. Don’t worry if you can’t get off the train here. You can always get off at the next stop and catch the train in the opposite direction back here. It’s not everyday that you make a new friend. So, take your time, get her number, meet up for coffee or lunch another day. Enjoy your new friendship.”

She laughed, and did as I said. The ladies exchanged numbers as the train moved on. They still clearly had a lot to say to each other. When the train stopped at the next stop, the first lady got off, after promising to call the second one.

There was one more stop before I had to get off the train myself. I found out from the other lady that she’d been down to Mandurah earlier that morning, as her son had told her his house needed some repairs. However, when she got there, he’d forgotten about her visit and had gone out. She told me she’d walked around his housing estate and seen a property for sale that she would be making enquiries about. But now she was headed up to her other son’s house in Osborne Park, to check in on him.

I said, “I wouldn’t classify this as a wasted exercise. If you hadn’t gone down to Mandurah this morning, you wouldn’t have seen that property for sale. And then you wouldn’t have been on this train and met your new friend. Isn’t Life wonderful?” And she laughed and agreed.

After finishing my business in town, I dropped by Nespresso for a cup of coffee. There’s a round kioskĀ inside the store just by the door, where you can taste free samples of their range of coffee. I like to have a cup just before heading to the train station right opposite the store. Today was no different.

As I sipped at my coffee, I turned to the young man next to me and asked what he thought of his cup of coffee. He said it tasted just like how a “flat white” should taste (that’s a cafe latte for readers outside Australia). Then, out of the blue, he mentioned how coffee helped him de-stress, as stress often triggered epileptic fits in him. The tall lady on the other side of him empathised with him, and said her nephew suffered epileptic fits triggered by stress too. Then the young man, whose name was Richard, told of how he’d quit Year 11 of high school because he was constantly being bullied for being epileptic.

He said that the last straw was when he’d suffered a fit in front of his so-called friends, and, instead of helping him, they’d simply lain him down and stolen all his clothes. He’d woken up to find only his underpants on, and his shirt covering him. He’d had to wrap the shirt around his lower body and walk home that way, and everyone had laughed at him, rather than being sympathetic or offering assistance. The tall lady and I shook our heads in disbelief. Teenagers can be so cruel!

Richard said he didn’t mind having fits, but what he minded was not knowing what had gone on while he was unconscious. I recalled a recent movie called “Unfriended”, where a teenage girl had been secretly filmed by her “friends” while passed out from drinking, and the video had gone viral and as a consequence of the cyber bullying and taunts from her peers, that girl had committed suicide. Richard had seen that film, and he agreed heartily that it was indeed the lowest of the lowest of humanity to behave in such a manner.

Richard then said that leaving his school had been the best thing he’d done. He was now enrolled in a TAFE (a technical college) studying towards qualifications in Psychology, and he’d spoken to many people in the city, from all walks of life, and so he felt more positive about his life now than ever before. He said his parents had not been supportive of his decision to leave school, but then that was their problem, not his. He said they’d told him he wasn’t old enough to make such decisions about his own life.

I said, “You don’t have to be of a certain age to know what you want to do with your life. Perhaps you needed to experience all that bullying from your peers, and to leave school and come to the city and find yourself, in order to place your life in the direction you’re in now. It might not have happened if you’d stayed in that school and continued to put up with the bullying.”

I came away from that encounter feeling that, here was a young man who’d had the good fortune to awaken from his slumber, and discover his life’s true purpose. And at such a young age too. He’s one of the lucky ones. Ā So many of us, either by chance or by design, choose to sleepwalk through this so-called Life, and never discover ourselves, or the real wonders of the world.

I had a really good day, that day.


(Image found on Google Images, by http://www.verybestquotes.com, from the writer Frank Herbert).


First there was Adam
Then there was Eve
“You’re different,” he said,
“I love you”.

Press the fast forward button

Now she’s so different
She knows so much
And Knowledge is Power
And power in the hands of a Woman
Is dangerous
He burns her at the stake
And calls her a Witch.

Press fast forward again

“You’re different,” he said,
“Let’s get together all the people
That are different like us. Let’s start a
Religion/Civilization/Cult/Country/Social Structure/Government/Club/Secret Society/Millionnaire’s Circle/(insert appropriate social structure)”.

And it was so.
And it was good.

For a while.


“This is boring,” he said,
“Everyone’s the same. Let’s go
Find other people who are
Different. It will be exciting.
We can learn new things from them”.

But what if they’re just
TOO different?

Do you run from them
Back to the safety of your people
And warn them to stay away?


Do you lead your people to war
Against those Others
Who are so Different from you
Because you see them as a threat
Against your own beliefs?

Now it doesn’t matter if you
Press Fast Forward
Or Rewind
Because the examples are aplenty…

Do you start Crusades
And Holy Wars
And Inquisitions
And persecutions
And imprisonment
And torture
And discrimination
Because they are Different?

If so, WHY??

Why does it matter if people
Are Different from you?
Why does it bother you
That people can have a Different
Opinion, outlook, philosophy,
Way of life, eating habits,
Sexual preferences, skin colour,
Hair colour, eye colour,
Size, height, language, etc

Why do we try to make
Different the Same
And yet, when it becomes the Same
We try our best to be Different?

Why not just embrace the diversity
Of human life in all its splendour
Celebrate our Differences
The same way we celebrate
Our Sameness
We are after all, human beings
All from the same 2-stranded DNA
with billions of Different
Nature intended us to be Unique
Each and every one of us
So why are we so afraid
Of those who are Different
That we need to annihilate them
Or assimilate them
Or change them?

You don’t even have to try
To be Different
You already are Different.
I know I’m Different
Just as you’re Different from me
So, let’s be friends, not enemies.