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Some Of My Favourite Pins

Just sharing some of my favourite Pins from Pinterest. These make me happy. I hope they do the same for you. We all need some good news/images these days. I go to Pinterest to relax, recharge  or research. It has never let me down. Try it! 

If you’d like more information about the images, you’ll have to go to Pinterest online and then click on the image, to be taken to its linked site. 

Freebies : Kantha close-ups

I’m gifting my 3rd Kantha scarf (see previous post) to a dear friend in Ireland. I won’t have the physical scarf anymore, but I did take a number of photos and close-ups of it hanging from my orange tree, for posterity, so I’ll always have the memory of that.

So here today I’m sharing these photos with you all, my dear readers. They are FREEBIES, meaning if you want to save them to your computers or mobile devices, use them as computer wallpaper, turn them into cards, use them as backgrounds for image editing, print them out for your own pleasure…you have my blessings. 🙇

This girl can’t sew in a straight line, as you can see. But the wonky stitches and exposed knots sure add to the charm of it being all handmade, right 😄. Worthy of a Crafts stall or Etsy…


O.M.G. How did this email end up in my Hotmail Junk box?? By happy chance I stumbled upon it in time before it got deleted. Best news ever! Could this be the start of something BIG for me, at last??  I’d made an Artist Submission to Bridgeman Art Library for possible licensing of my work, and imagine my delight to get this reply! It’s early days yet, as, being a newcomer to all this I naturally have questions…but OMG, Best News Ever for 2014 so far!

Dear AlyZen,

Thank you for your email and for considering the Bridgeman Art Library for image licensing. I think your work would suit us very well for image licensing and so we’d be very happy to take your registration further.

I would like to recommend that you take a look at our website http://www.bridgemanstudio.com which is the homepage for our new contemporary artists platform, Bridgeman Studio. We represent artists for full copyright clearance as well as reproduction. We represent both estates and living artists including the estate of Lucian Freud, Alberto Giacometti and Mary Fedden to name just a few. With Bridgeman Studio our aim is to develop both the range of international artwork, as well as the range of illustration, fine art photography and graphic art that we can represent for licensing.

Having launched this month, we now have a dedicated space for our Studio artists. Each artist has their own profile page with links to their own websites and we have the staff, resources and online space for significant online marketing. The Resources page tells you a little more about the specifics of the offer. With regards to reproduction and copyright fees, you would receive 50% for each copyright clearance and 50% for each reproduction of your work. Above and beyond licensing, we are also keen that our Studio artists are open to the possibility of commissioned work for licensing, as well as having their images passed to our premium Print on Demand partner Art.com for open edition prints and prints on canvas (both of which are high quality). I note that from the link to your Society6 site, that you already have partnerships for merchandising. In order for you to get the best from our service, we would naturally be keen to ensure that any images to submitted to Bridgeman Studio would be free to be licensed and part of our merchandising programme without restriction.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you’d like to register your interest and begin the process of joining the library, please do register here.

With all best wishes,