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Welcome To My Boudoir

Over the last 3 months, my bedroom has had a total transformation. Not an expensive, interior designer priced transformation, but rather a series of furniture rearrangements, lucky thrift store finds, items that I already owned being repurposed, and objects I “manifested”. 

First, the Queen-sized bed was turned 90 degrees and pushed into a corner. Originally, there were 2 bedside cabinets, one on either side of the bed. I gave one to my son Jack, and put the other one by the bedroom door. 

I had a Queen Anne dressing table in the junk room. It had been given to me by a neighbour in our previous estate, and although I’d given it a new coat of white paint, it had simply languished in the junk room of our present house. But this time, after several coats of gesso and varnish (I couldn’t find the white paint), it’s not taken up residence at the end of my newly positioned bed. And it houses my collection of Affirmation, Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction cards, as well as some books that I keep meaning to read, and some crystals.

I bought a rug to fill up the now empty space between the bed and the door. The dogs like to lie on it. It also makes a great work surface for my sewing projects.

I bought some cushions from thrift stores to place on my bed against the wall. They’re the colours of jewels – purple, teal, orange, and at the foot of my bed is a dog-themed cushion and my dog Shelagh’s 3 favourite toys – Gorilla, Tiger Tiger and Lion Lion. 

Where my bed had been before, I’d had a large romantic canvas print on the wall, flanked by 2 bird-themed canvasses. I’d found a modern abstract canvas for $20 at a thrift store. It now has pride of place on the wall.

On the smaller wall above my bedhead now (in the photo above) I have put up 2 canvasses which are actually cheats. 

The abstract on the left, with the line drawing of a woman’s face, is actually a T2 wrapping paper, from when I bought my “She Loves” limited edition teacup and saucer 2 years ago. It’s simply been Blu-Tacked and duct-taped (shock, horror! 😆) to a homemade wooden box frame. 

The canvas on the right, featuring peacocks, is actually a wallpaper sample stapled to an IKEA wooden frame. I’d bought it as such from a thrift store, for $3.25. 

For some reason I dislike hammering nails into walls, so to attach these 2 canvasses to the wall I used Command Hanging Strips (by 3M). Basically, Command Hanging Strips are a simple combination of flexible sticky tape and velcro. You can remove them from walls without leaving a trace. No need to fill in nail holes and then have to repaint the whole wall afterwards.

Here’s the rest of my “boudoir”:

The chair is a dining room chair in mock leather, picked up from a thrift store for $10. I’ve covered it simply with one of my Kantha-Boro quilted pieces. The 2 Totoro plush characters are actually sitting on top of a radiator heater, that I use in winter. The bookcase hidden under the blue cloth houses my collection of Tarot and Oracle cards. The blue canvas with the deer silhouette came from KMart, $15. And the “N O W” letters on the wall were made by me using Gelli-printed paper glued to wooden letters, then varnished.

The large romantic canvas atop this Queen Anne hall table is the one that used to grace the space above my bed. It was moved to make way for the modern abstract you now see on the main wall of my bedroom, flanked by the bird canvasses.

The Queen Anne hall table was a lucky find at a secondhand furniture store. I just love its sexy, curvy shape. Below it is my old piano stool, simply draped with another of my Kantha-Boro pieces. 

The striking turquoise artwork on the wall in the photo above, is one of my own creations. I created it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone, then uploaded it to my computer, ran it through a Print-on-Demand service, chose the format (print on wooden/MDF panel) et voila! 

The black cloth with white circles and broken lines is a remnant I picked up from IKEA, over an IKEA tall chest of drawers. I like to call this spot my “Altar”. 

My Vision Board for My New Home

So, things are moving along now, after more than a year of stagnation. It’s taken me that length of time to realise that help is not going to come from any of the usual sources – parents or family. And friends are only able to lend moral, not financial, support. No, I got myself into this rut, and I’m the only one who can get myself out of it.

I’ll be moving into a rental in 3 weeks’ time. It’ll take a while longer for me to sell or give away my hens, Japanese Quail, weiros, budgies and Japanese Koi, so I’ll no doubt be to-ing and fro-ing between the new house and the old on a daily basis, moving stuff and cleaning up, for a while.

But meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of creating my home just the way I want it. It’s going to be Bohemian meets Creative meets dare I say it, Romantic. ❤❤❤ 

Life is sweet! 

Pinterest has proven once again to be a treasure trove of ideas for home decorating. I LOVE Pinterest! 

So here are some pictures I’ve found that I’ve Pinned to a Private Board I created on my Pinterest account. Enjoy!

Artist Inspiration – ORLA KIELY

Orla Kiely is an Irish institution.  Even if you aren’t aware of her name, chances are you would have come across what’s probably her most famous design, the “Stem”:


Yes, THAT pattern. It’s found all over, from handbags to curtains to furnishing fabrics to fine bone china sets to room fragrances to stationery etc etc etc. It’s an inspired design that will never fade with the times, rooted in the nostalgia of the 1960s but forever contemporary. Of course, it’s not Orla’s only design, but it was the face that launched a thousand ships, so to speak. And the rest, as they also say, is history. Or Her story.

I’m inspired by Orla as a designer, as a businesswoman, as an artist. She has built herself into a global brand, and that is no easy achievement. I can only dream of achieving 1/10th of what Orla has…but that won’t stop me from trying!

Read about Orla and how she became an icon, and be inspired!






Now, go do YOUR thing! 🙂