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Leaves : Autumn & Winter

Here in Western Australia it never gets cold enough to snow. Well, we Might get frost and hail, but very, very rarely do we get any real snow. I think it might have snowed somewhere in Western Australia a couple of years ago…but maybe it was just heavy frost, or a smattering of real snow. Certainly not enough to be making snowmen or having snowfights. 

Anyway, I sometimes wish the winters here would be cold enough for it to really snow. That would be so magical. But instead, all we get are maybe some cold temperatures under Zero degrees at night, followed by days in the mid-teens. Never so cold that you need to wrap up in 3 or 4 layers. You don’t even need to wear gloves. Thermal underwear, what’s that? Just throw on a scarf and off we go!

I found these lovely photos of autumnal and winter leaves on Pinterest. Just sharing them with you here. Readers in the Northern Hemisphere are probably rejoicing to see the back end of Winter now, but here in the Land Down Under we’re meant to be at the start of Autumn. 

Hah! Tell that to the weather, which still insists on giving us daily temperatures in the 30s. Hot, muggy days without a breeze…NOT my favourite thing really. 

But, back to these leaves. So cool.

Leaves : Spring & Summer

I’m in love with the green of leaves. Right now, it’s the end of Summer in Australia (yup, this is one weird country compared with the rest of the world). It’s hard to tell which leaves on which trees will turn golden then brown and fall to the ground, and which will stay green all year round. I’m no garden expert, and some trees that I swear are olive trees are perhaps some indigenous Australian gum instead. 

But I’ve fallen in love with big, green, leafy plants, especially the ones with leaves that are almost sculptural in their beauty. Green is a very refreshing and calming colour, and if you prefer not to have it on your walls, perhaps consider a houseplant to give your home a dash of this amazing colour.

So, once again courtesy of Pinterest, here are my favourite greens for Spring and Summer. (Seriously, folks, if you’re not already a fan of Pinterest and spend hours trawling through it, pinning this and that to your dozens of Boards, it’s time to get with the programme).

Workflow: “Good Morning, Mother Nature!”

Today I’ll share my workflow of how I created “Good Morning, Mother Nature!”.

The substrate I used for printing my image was this Japanese handmade paper with gold flakes and thread inclusions. I wanted to see if the paper would accept inkjet inks well.


The original image, of the bird on an Angelica flowerhead, is a detail from a piece of scrapbooking paper. (I am rather partial to scrapbooking paper).


I took 2 further images of a similar nature and blended the 3 together in Photoshop Touch.


I then processed the image in PicsArt and chose this graduated colour filter. I used Repix and ran the image through an entire gamut of filters – drips, daubs, hatches, chalk, etc etc – until the entire image was obscured. Then I used the Undoer brush to reveal parts of the image I wanted to show. (Incidentally, that is my favourite technique at the moment. I love the “revealing” process, it makes me feel like a paleontologist with a rock containing a dinosaur fossil).


I then ran this through Photo Editor, tweaking saturation, contrast, sharpening, etc and I played around with hues until I found one I really liked.


Here I have printed out the image onto my substrate and pasted it onto a cradled wooden panel using gel medium. (The Japanese paper took inkjet inks very well indeed, it looks and feels like sewing interfacing…hmm, I wonder if I should try printing on that next?)



A little bit of gold paint brushed over the sides, some black paint to neaten the edges, and a few more layers of varnish ought to finish the job.


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